Well, let's see. It's coldcoldcold and raining here in Tuvalu and my new wellies are on the way!
I have high hopes and do not plan on changing shoes at the office after polling several employees who report that wearing them at work is perfectly fine! FINE, I tell you!

Meanwhile, in Samoa, it's raining and cold! No wellies to be seen! Many exclamation marks!
Ooooh, those shots of the ocean make me want to run to a beach somewhere. But I love cold weather, so I'll shut up.
Yasmine went home, in her high heels and Shambo alienated herself from her tribe.
It's night 11 and Shambo knows that she is the odd man out in the voting. The rest of the team talk about her after she's gone to bed. Monica knows that Shambo voted against her.

The next morning, the ocean is a beast, but Jaison is optimistic.
There is news of a food challenge and throwing up is mentioned.
I don't like these challenges - and could throw up just watching.
Ashley's team is worried that she won't do well in an eating challenge. Of course, Bad Russell is right there to stir things up. He's wary of Liz as she's trying to influence other players.

So, there's the stuff they have to eat, covered with flies. I'm a little queasy.
"Today you will eat."
Jeff will blend the ingredients chosen by a wheel spin and the tribes will drink them.
If they can get the smoothies down they win a barbecue.
Galu sits out Kelly, Laura and John. I don't know who these people are.
Giant clam and Jeff's choice are mixed first. He adds octopus.
Shambo and Jaison are first to drink.
Shambo does well. Jaison, not so much.
I CAN'T WATCH, but Jaison finishes.
The battle of the Russells. Jellyfish special, with milk.
Good Russell finishes first. Bad Russell spits it back, but manages to finish.
Brett vs. Mick. Don't know Mick either.
Giant clam, sea cucumber and milk.
I don't feel so good.
Mick scores first. Brett does okay after worrying his team.
Monica and Liz end up with sea urchin.
Liz plugs her nose, Monica chugs it.
Monica chugs the sea noodle Jeff has topped it with.
Monica finishes and so does Liz.
The teams are tied.
Dave vs. Ashley try some sea slug guts.
Dave is a little pukey sounding but he finishes.
Can Ashley do it? We don't think so. It's hard to watch. She cannot finish and Galu wins.
No surprise, I guess.
One member of Galu goes to Foa Foa and misses the reward - Good Russell sends Shambo.
"Had to pay for that chicken," he says.

Foa Foa is kind to Shambo but she wanted steak.
Mick blasts Ashley wjile she bonds with that other blond girl, who I learn is Natalie.

At Galu Good Russell explains why he sent Shambo to the other tribe.
Russell then messes with the fire and it takes a while for them to be able to eat and they begin to argue. Dave and Russell get into it. They come to terms with the power stuggle in the end and Dave saves the fire. It's a great meal and Dave realizes how important he is to the team.

Shambo reads her clue for the idol to Foa Foa while Bad Russell laughs.
Liz confronts Russell over the idol and he threatens her..."she's walking on thin ice."

In the other room, K and Middle go over Middle's employment contract...such things!
In the commercials, Curacao looks nice, doesn't it?

More rain on night 13. Everyone is soaking wet. Kelly tells us how wet they are.
On day 14, it's still raining, which is bad if your team needs dry wood for a fire.
Dave goes for the tree mail and reads it to the team with waterlogged fingers.
Brett feels unfocused and wants to keep the advantage and is hopeful.

In the torrential rain the teams gather and Shambo goes back to her tribe. No one seems especially happy to see her - but they aren't happy anyway.
For today's challenge one man and one woman hold a net while the opposing team throw coconuts into it. Whoever holds their net up the longest wins.
Dave, Brett and Shambo sit out.
It's a monsoon as the teams pitch coconuts.
Bad Russell is fighting hard and doing okay but lets go leaving Liz to hold tight.
Good Russell struggles and Liz falls.
Galu wins.
Foa Foa must vote someone out.

It's still raining. Jaison wants to quit. Everyone is all pruned and Bad Russell polls the group to see who want to leave. No one has gotten a chance to scramble and discuss the vote and Ashley suggests they figure out the vote while they are trapped in the shelter. She's going to vote for Liz because she doesn't trust her. Liz wants to vote for Ashley. Natalie's name is brought up too. Natalie is sure it will be one of the girls. Jaison isn't sure. Bad Russell is bummed cause it might not play out the way he wants and is wary of Liz, though he realizes that she is stronger than Ashley. Finally they go to Tribal.

It looks pretty dry and Jeff asks Jaison what the toughest thing about Survivor is...Jaison tells a water polo story. He thought it wouldn't be that big a deal but it is.
Ashley talks about how nice it is to be dry and warm at Tribal.
Natalie talks about how they couldn't strategise because of the rain.
There's some talk of trust and we see who trusts who...but I'm a little distracted by the contract talk in the other room.
Time to vote -
we see Liz and Ashley get some votes, but who goes?
(I'm thinking Ashley.)
And I'm right.
Bad Russell smiles in an evil and I thank my mom for bringing meatloaf.


RW said…
The rain has arrived here too.
Anonymous said…
The women on Bad Russell's team have waited too long to catch on, and they will be picked off, one by one. Is there only two left? Uh oh.

Good Russell is getting bad, too.

Contract talks? I'd be distracted, too!