Oh, people.
I'm surviving!
Mailings and conference calls and running, RUNNING through the halls for this and that.
It's a very exciting time at my job.
Meanwhile, in Samoa - 16 are left!

It's night 8 and Bad Russell justifies his vote.
Jaison is hungry and tired and thinks this was the worst decision he's made in his entire life.
The next morning he confides in Bad Russell.
Russell thinks he's a quitter and is willing to vote him out - because "he's got everyone under his thumb." We cannot wait until he's blindsided, but WHO will be smart enough to do that?

Day 9 finds the purple tribe enduring Shambo's description of the other team. She was well liked over there - not that her teammates want to hear about it.
Erik speaks with her about the immunity idol.
He offers to give it to her if he finds it - but John interrupts them.
Shambo spills the beans on the clues and she swears the guys to loyalty. She's not worried about what this will do to her later.
Tree mail (I HATE THAT) brings news of the next challenge. Two people must be chosen to go on a mission for food. Russell and Natalie are chosen.
(Gosh Samoa is pretty.)

At the challenge the two teams stare each other down and wait for Jeff.
Off to one side are chickens in a cage and a pirate's chest.
It's a bit of a chess game until Bad Russell makes a move.
It's ON as the teams read the rules about being left alone to work out the challenge without Jeff.
They must play bocce ball. With Kevin Spacey (Dave).
What's interesting, to me, is that they actually play - rather than duking it out for the food.
One of those guys looks like the guy from Lost - you know who I mean?
Bad Russell and Dave are the last men standing...and it's very close - it starts to rain...and KEVIN SPACEY DAVE PULLS IT OUT WITH AN UNBELIEVABLE SHOT.
Galu win!
(And one could have guessed from the editing.)

Erik is very intent on finding that immunity idol over at his camp.
He pokes around while his team naps.
But one of them is spying on him. Who is that? John?
He finds it! In a tree!
He's so proud of himself - and he re-hides it.

The chickens are brought back to the purple camp. Good Russell is so excited. His team is very excited too. Chickens! Eggs! Mailings! Running through the halls! (gosh, I'm tired).
Kevin Spacey is awfully proud too.
Good Russell assigns Shambo to chicken care and she seems to rise to the occasion.
She talks to them in chicken language.

Everyone at the yellow tribe (Foa Foa) is huddling in against the rain. Russell and Jaison bond over fruit but Bad Russell decides that Natalie is the person to take to the end. We hate Bad Russell.
He confides in Natalie and tells her he'll bring her to the end. She doesn't know how stupid he thinks she is and thinks she can beat Bad Russell AND she has a sparkly bikini.

Early on day 10 Shambo is chatting with the chickens. People want to eat them - and one escapes somehow giving them the opportunity to kill one.
Erik and Shambo chase the chicken until Erik gets clotheslined BY the clothesline.
The chicken ends up too high for them to catch and everyone is angry with Shambo.

I miss some girl drama re Yaz.
Apparently she sits around and does no work.
But there's another challenge.
Race through nets and, I don't know, stack some stuff.
The purple team sit out four people. That's a lot.
Everyone is running across nets with blocks. It's dead even for a minute.
Not fair - the yellow tribe waits longer for Jeff to tell them to go!
On the next phase they walk on ropes and purple has a big lead.
But Natalie makes up the time.
Galu takes a small lead.
Jeff is very busy narrating!
Galu takes the lead again.
It's kind of exciting.
Foa Foa really has to win.
Natalie wins for Foa Foa!
What excitement as Foa Foa win their first immunity challenge!
It's raining again and the purple team have to decide who's going.
Good Russell blames Monica (no clue who she is) for their loss.

Did I mention I'm tired? Well, I JUST THANK THE LORD that Youngest let me off re attending Open School Night up at the high school tonight. I'd be asleep in third period.

Good Russell bad-mouths Monica back at camp. Kevin Spacey lobbies for Yaz and the team seem to agree. Shambo and Yaz talk about "the negativity." Yaz says she does nothing so no one can tell her what she does wrong. She thinks Monica should go even though she would be happy to leave cause her body "could use a rest, damn it."
Good Russell is a little pissed off. He feels Monica is a liability and wants the team to listen to him. Good Russell doesn't seem so good right now.

At Tribal Jeff teaches us, yet again, that fire means life.
Shambo talks about how bummed they are to be there.
Brett talks about how Yaz does less.
She "has did" whatever was asked of her and is wearing heels to dress up for Jeff.
Yaz says damn it a lot and points out that Monica struggled/blew the challenge.
Dave thinks what's good for the tribe is good for him.
Time to vote.
Who goes? Yaz or Monica?
Monica breathes a big sigh of relief...and good luck to her....
Yaz has a hard time leaving in her heels.

I'm off to bed!


Jenny said…
I love your survivor posts probably more that I like the stupid show. I think you should get your uncle to do another post. He was hilarious.
Badger said…
I am out, this season. I don't love anyone and I can't STAND how much camera time Bad Russell is getting. If production wants to play it that way, fine. But I don't have to watch it.

Will keep reading your recaps, though....

But you are going to need a new fact checker. Heh.
Anonymous said…
someday I may actually watch this show and I bet I'll be so disappointed that it's not as entertaining as your recap.
Anonymous said…
"He got clotheslined--by the clothesline!"

By far my favorite moment of the show. But what is up with Kevin Spacey's hair?