I know, I KNOW, I skipped a post. I'm re-adjusting, people, and I'm still tired at eight o'clock at night.
I'm still addicted to Sweettarts too, which will probably land me at the dentist.
My hair has reached a somewhat ungainly stage - do you want to hear about that? No? I didn't think so.
Also, I have a BeautyHacks post due in a week or so and no idea what to write about. Any suggestions?
In the meantime, I'm watching Survivor.

Foa, the yellow team, is losing. Russell has found an idol without any clues. Ben isn't making friends and Betsy was voted out.
Of course it would be more interesting if I had an inkling of who these people are - but I've missed some of this season.
I know this guy Russell is evil, but it seems no one else realizes it.
(Did you know that the blue Sweettarts melt faster?)
It's day 7 and, apparently, magnesium is the secret to making fire. Think of it: all these seasons of Survivor and NOW they tell us it's all about magnesium.
There's a bit of a turf war over the fire-making at the yellow tribe.
Ben is convinced that no one can survive without him. We're all happy to hear about his poop too. Another first.
At Galu (the other team) they are doing yoga. Their buffs look cleaner too. I wonder if they've pooped.
Shambo isn't too happy about the yoga thing. "Screw yoga, man." She's too busy for yoga.

Russell is busy plotting with Ben - he wants Ben to stay for a while and bad-mouths Ashley. He's planting "the Russell seed" and he's creeping me out, but he's effective in stirring it up in camp.
(There seem to be fewer blue Sweettarts in my box.)

The teams receive new, clean, swimsuits. Funny, that. It may be only the women who received bathing suits.
Foa Foa has lost a team member due to a medical condition? Can someone fill me in?

The first challenge of the evening involves swimming for crates and then building them like Rubik's Cube kind of a thing. The reward is pillows and candles and immunity.
I know I'm supposed to be paying attention to the actual challenge but I can only focus on the bathing suits. Why does everyone look so young and fit? Did the guys get those Speedo-looking suits? Does anyone on this show have normal body fat? Are those people ever on camera? Are they sitting out for this challenge? Some of these people better have sunblock - they look very very pale. Wait...did a team just win? Nope. False alarm. Galu wins. Russell (a different Russell?) chooses comfort prizes over the functional prizes, which, I think, were fishing gear. He sends Shambo to - uh, the other team's camp.
Foa Foa fall in love with Shambo, and I can see why - she speaks in unicorns and cupcakes and complains about her team and though they like her they are wary.
She has a note from Jeff regarding the immunity idol and sets out to look for it.

Galu return to camp with the comfort items they've won to "take care of the women" and a guy who looks like Kevin Spacey!
Some tribe members aren't very excited about the mats and pillows and wanted the tarp (I didn't even realize there was a tarp up for grabs).

Jaison says he would quit if Ben doesn't get sent home and his teammates reassure him that Ben will go.
Bad Russell says that Ashley will go and shows Mick the immunity idol.

Shambo helps the yellow team make torches and build relationships WHILE looking for the idol.
She digs to CHINA looking for that idol and no one really notices?
Bad Russell continues to lobby for voting Ashley out and I realize that he is a little guy - I don't always trust little guys.

At Tribal, Jaison says he wants to trade Ben for Shambo - do I have that right?
Jeff asks, right off the bat, who they are voting out.
Ben and Jaison have a tiff.
Jeff calls on Bad Russell to explain the problems between Ben and Jaison but Jaison is unwilling to make amends and it sounds to me like there are some serious problems on the yellow tribe.
Finally they vote - Ashley votes for Ben, Ben votes for Ashley and we wait for Jeff to tally the votes.
He reads the votes: Ashley, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben...goes home.
The tribe has spoken.

Will I conquer jet-lag?
What about the laundry?
Did Jeff look a little crazy-eyed?

I've got nothing for you.


Scot said…
Don't be smoking your sweettarts! Its bad for you.
Anonymous said…
Gawd, she DID dig to China. So funny just to see her lower legs and feet hanging there while everyone went about their business.

The guy who got out for medical reasons had an episode with his heart I believe, during/after a challenge. He was a bit blue, and very faint. Good call there, medical team.

Anonymous said…
As you know I can't participate to the Survivor oopla, but I wanted to say how WEIRD it is that I get this horriblke jet lag coming to Europe and NEVER going to the US.
You know what?
It might just be going back HOME.
That's it.
I have a tip for the weekend.
Nap while the laundry is spinning around in the machines.
dan renzi said…
Flying from East to West is easier to conquer. Just stay up until 11, get out of the house and stay up, and then hit the bed. I took a Zyrtec allergy pill to get things going with the sleepiness.

From West to East, I was jetlagged for three solid days. Blech.
Anonymous said…
I also TOTALLY thought that that guy looks like Kevin Spacey. And I think I love Shambo! (Her hair has definitely reached the ungainly stage. I hope yours isn't as koo-koo as hers : )

Badger said…
Ben was an asshole. Among other things, he repeatedly referred to an African-American woman on the other team as "ghetto trash". That was Jaison's problem with him. SO glad Ben is gone.

Now we need to get rid of Bad Russell (that's what we call him at our house, too). I think a blindside is in order, yo.

My word verification is "yawsheat", OMG.
Lifeofkaylen said…
Great wrap-up!
True, the majority of the people are very fit.
They should combine Survivor and Biggest Loser, as this is a GREAT diet plan. And then when they get voted off, they immediately go to nutrition classes. It is easier to keep the weight off than to lose it in the first place. Losing it on an island with no options for food is a great way to drop some weight fast!!
ThirdCat said…
YOu will never conquer the laundry (but you already knew that, didn't you).

Badger is right re Ben and I couldn't have watched another moment if he'd stayed.

And as for skipping a few's okay...we know there's one or two things even better than survivor