such things

It's been hard being back at work after a week away.
I know. Boo hoo. Happy problems, you're thinking. And I'd agree.
With terrible things occurring around the world I have nothing to complain about.

Anyway, big things are happening at work. BIG THINGS, I TELL YOU.
A significant project will come to fruition on Monday and everyone at my company will celebrate.
It's a lovely project to be involved in, in as much as I was involved, by virtue of organizing my boss's life during it all, and I'm proud to be there.
How lucky am I?

My boys are each doing well.
Youngest has given me permission to skip Open School Night at the high school. He's very well adjusted and claims he doesn't see the point in my sitting through my third round of descriptions of sophomore year.
Oldest had a wonderful time with Uncle B and still talks about what he cooked for them, and Middle has been offered and has accepted a part-time job (a paying gig!) at a company he has long admired...AND he's thoroughly enjoying Art School.
K is humming along at his job and is still there - by which I mean: things are still not good in the industrial world and we are thankful to both be working.

The weather is fine and, this weekend, we will go apple picking - just as we have done year after year.
This time, I would imagine, Middle will bring his camera.
Perhaps he'll share some pictures with us.


Adventure Otaku said…
apple picking? If you can get some granny smith's I will give you the cobbler recipe.

When Fall comes to FL, we start talking about the citrus groves opening again. It's almost lemon season!

So glad to hear about all the blessings in your house.
Anonymous said…
Pictures by Middle. Yes!
And I'd love that apple cobbler recipe, if you get it from uncle B, please.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it lovely when more is going well than not? Enjoy the orchard!
Caterina said…
I remember you writing about apple picking last year.....and WOW! I can't believe it's been an ENTIRE year since "the great apple debacle of '08." Which I don't think was a 'debacle' at all :)

Happy apple picks!
Miz S said…
Skipping open school night for your youngest is the high school equivalent of casually picking up the binky when it falls out of Youngest Baby's mouth, wiping it on your shirt, and sticking it back in.