some thoughts from Wednesday night

A while ago I heard on Oprah (gosh, I think I really can't stand Oprah) that women (why just women?) have the kind of skin that makes them become either Sinkers or Saggers, as in: some of us have faces that will wrinkle (sinkers) or droop (saggers). I am blessed with the latter. I am rapidly achieving Old Lady Neck and, as I pointed out to my fellow BlogHers in July, I already have a case of Old Lady Armpits (no, I'm not going to describe them).

I need to report that I purchased and absolutely love my Hunter Wellingtons. It's monsoon season, here in Tuvalu, and I've worn them for several days running whilst running, in fact, and they are comfortable and groovy looking and only sometimes a little sweaty on the calf area in the middle of the afternoon. I do, however, believe that they are really best worn with skirts and was not terribly comfortable with my pants tucked into them. Also, I do sometimes feel like The Queen when I wear them and there is nothing wrong with THAT.

I'm still pretty devoted to Sweettarts. I just went downstairs to see if I could score some from Middle (score!) and was successful. His stash was sitting on top of a lamp and was downright HOT from the light bulb. This made them melty good. On this front I need to report that my boyfriend, K, bought me the giant chewy kind, last weekend, and they are NOT the same thing. He's sweet though, isn't he?

My Jeep is leaking. My Jeep IS LEAKING! Do I hear a weekend project knocking? (It's the sunroof drains, clogged with leaves. Such a THING.)

Finally, my Gap camisoles with the underwires, which I love, are POKING ME. The wires have broken loose in two of them and I am very annoyed.

Okay. Going to bed now.


Anonymous said…
GAH! Now I know I'm a sagger. I could have lived happily never realising that. I'm off to sit in the corner and sag.
smalltownme said…
I'm a sagger too.

And I hate Hate HATE underwires. I bought an expensive bra that was supposedly fitted to me...and I was in agony for several days until I cut out the underwires.

The next bra I bought? A $20-ish no wire bra from Hanes at Sears. Yay, Hanes and Sears!!!
If my grandmothers and great=grandmothers are any indication, I'll be a sagger AND and a sinker.

Isn't the roof of your mout all torn up from the SweetTarts?
I take 2 giant chewable Calcium/VitD and 2 medium sized Chewable Vit C. every day.It's just like SweetTarts
Anonymous said…
Please. Did you have to start the wrinkle thing? Lately I am kind of obsessed with growing old. There, I said it.
I look like I am sinking and sagging at the same time and all over my body.
Aging SUCKS. Big time.
Badger said…
I am a sagger, too. I have the neck. AND THE ARMPITS.

And I actually PREFER the giant chewy Sweettarts. The hard ones give me a toothache.

Lover Lady said…
I am a sagger, too. Sigh. I also like the hard 'Tarts. The chewy ones have a funky, grainy texture I just cannot get on board with.
blackbird said…
A funky chewy texture, bunny.
I always like seeing your ears in the comment box.
MsCellania said…
Well, this explains a LOT.
My sisters are sinkers. They have aged, and are aging, kinda fast. It flips me out that my youngest sister is so winkled.
I'm a sagger and have that toikey neck to prove it. I invested in some awfully pricey turkey neck cream at Costco. I will let you know if I am having success.
Anonymous said…
I look forward to being a sagger. This is not to say that I am not a sagger already; it just means that I am ignoring it. My husband says I look amazing for 60 (no wrinkles (well, to be perfectly truthful, very few, but who's counting?)) and that's what counts, right?
Magpie said…
Sweettarts get melty? Huh.
Anonymous said…
That pleases me to read of your Wellingtons working out so well. I also despise and ignore Oprah. Who needs her?
What's your position on BottleCaps?
blackbird said…
I don't know that I've ever eaten one of those BottleCap candies.
Caterina said…
My underwire pokes me all the time. Ugh.

And YA! why just women?!?
alice c said…
Eat chocolate and chips and then you will neither sag nor sink. You will also have the benefit of all those chins to hold your head up. You must admit that it is worth considering.
Wendy said…
I LOVE the giant chewy kind! More than one will give my mouth sores, though. Now I have a taste for them.