notes from the commute

Have I mentioned that we commute with Middle two days a week? Yeah, he can't believe it either.
Anyway, we do. We arrive in town and K takes a train to his office and Middle and I walk down town about ten blocks. I am in love with this walking of the ten blocks. Middle? Well, some days he is sullen and "tired" and some days he is just a little chatty. Those days are pretty terrific as Middle has always been very quiet and I am eager to draw him out - but I'm getting off track here. What I really want to do is show you The Friday Morning Commute (read: walk) during which we played: Halloween? Or Just Freaky?

is it ice

Hey, said Middle, is that ice?
He pointed to the shiny looking stuff on the sidewalk.

it is NOT ICE

Is it ICE?

is it ice2

Shiny like ice, I slid my boot into it.
It was NOT ICE.
It was GLUE.
The walls of a construction site had been plastered with posters. It was a flour-y kind of glue.
It was kind of gross to slide my boot into.

Look at this great old bike.

really old bike

We are going to try to figure out if it is abandoned. Not that we'd do anything about it - we are just wondering if someone rides it.

plenty o grass

There's plenty o'grass available in the flower district. I've grown wheat grass like that - it comes up fast. I wonder how much it is to buy...

blurry autumn

yes, the flower district is all kinds of Autumnal right now.

<span class=

But, what about the PEOPLE? Are people celebrating Halloween in my neighborhood?


We aren't sure about this guy. He may just be wearing two different colored pant legs -IT'S HARD TO SAY.



if you seek an incredibly embellished handbag, email me and I will give you the address of this place.

I think I see Halloween!

I see Halloween!

Orange socks with jack-o-lanterns qualify, don't they?

huge cement thing

Will you look at that huge cement thing?

not Halloween, just freaky

We have a quick debate. Is she dressed for the holiday or just a little freaky?
Just a little freaky wins.

There is no debate, though, about the baby, in his stroller, dressed as an astronaut. Or the tot in the superhero costume. Halloween wins!

We part at the corner near our favorite dining establishment:

America Gourmet Food

America Gourmet Food. Oh, we've never eaten there. We just love the name of the place.
We left each other (and did our customary fist bump) and went about our business.
Middle has some invitations to some zombie events in town and I'll be answering the door and doling out candy.

Youngest is still somewhat interested in the festivities -


he's going as a hit-man from a video game (don't know who or which one).


Sometimes this hit-man wears a mask.
Don't ask me, I have no IDEA.

I wish you all a good weekend!


jess said…
you make me so happy... and miss the city. we are walking miles between houses tomorrow night.

I really hope to spend more time with you next summer.
i absolutely love your post. :) it made me really happy. somehow it felt like... taking a walk with you and hearing your comments about what you see. fantastic. xo
The Coffee Lady said…
I want to see your boot at the end of the walk. Was it stuck full of leaves like a scarecrow boot?
Anonymous said…
Yes, toddlers dressed as astronauts are definitely Halloween. Last night at bowling there was a person dressed up as a fairy who qualified for freaky because try as we might, we could not discern their gender.
MsCellania said…
I'm glad you're still able to keep up your blog even though working.
A YEAR! That went fast.
Hey, Youngest is getting TALL.
Anonymous said…
That's The Spy from Team Fortress 2. Maybe he'd like this shirt for Christmas.
blackbird said…
Oh! It IS! And he MIGHT!
Thank you, Anonymous.
Anonymous said…
Three years ago I was in Tuvalu for Halloween. Thank you for taking me out this year. I was planning on coming again (what? I didn't mention?) but life gets in the middle. Which brings us all back to your walks through town with Middle twice a week.
Happy spooky weekend to all bb's family and friends!
Anonymous said…
Somehow I thought that people in NYC would be better dressed in general. Or maybe you're just showing us the anomolies.

Happy H'ween, bb.