just a few more shots from our dream vacation...

These first few shots need to be filed under: Transportation (which may or may not have nearly hit me at any given point).


There go the porters in their wee little truck! I was, actually, almost hit by them in their wee little truck when my ear was clogged! I couldn't hear them behind me and stepped right out in front of them one day. Fortunately, the porters are used to silly vacationers like me - who might be deaf.


What about the postman? Yep. Almost hit by the postman. My fault again - I was walkingwalkingwalking up the hill and thinking and looking down (my eyes were probably tired from looking at so many gorgeous things) and I very nearly walked into his scooter whilst he was scooting down.
(Also, my shadow appears to be nine months pregnant!)

Perhaps I was thinking about this little cupcake of a car.

<span class=

A teeny Fiat with wicker seats...

<span class=

Cute, cute, CUTE.

But, by far, my favorite Italian car?

<span class=

Fabio's little blue Fiat 500.
See Fabio telling K not to worry about being tall? The roof is open!


(That's a very adorable photo of K and Fabio pretending they can only fit in the Cinquecento by poking their heads through the sunroof. Edited for my blogging pleasure.)

We drove, that night, up to Montepertuso, for an extraordinary dinner.


What would I give for some of that roasted deliciousness RIGHT NOW? Um, well, I don't know - but I could sure go for some of that roasted goodness RIGHT NOW. Actually, now that I think on it, I'd like some of Fabio's pumpkin or eggplant or...uh - oh, I CAN'T TAKE IT.

And, speaking of food...lunches with Paola's parents were some of the sweetest times we had.

<span class=

Seeing Paola with them - listening to them talk together - adoring their stories (it was their wedding anniversary) it was very special to us.


We were so honored to be with them.
Then? Right after honored? Thrilled!
Thrilled to taste some homemade drinks!

<span class=

Oh, the drinks!

Thrilled to see Paola's dad's workshop -


honored, again, to see his gorgeous work:

<span class=

beautiful, no? Beatiful, YES.

Downstairs we saw amazing photos of old Positano,

<span class=

and heard about Paola's accomplished brother, and watched the kittens play and sneaked a peek at some school-work and felt like family.

That was one of the nicest things about this trip -

<span class=

we were made to feel like family.



Miz S said…
Your stories about Positano--in my mind it is a magical place and Paola is, I don't know, a fairy godmother or something. How can she have a lemon tree on a terrace AND a father who creates beautiful art AND such a lovely family, AND AND AND.

I'm so glad you were able to go back.
If you were looking at Paola's parent's wedding pictures, that made me sigh. It's one of my favorite things to do.
And her father's work is stunning.
I held my breath while I started at all the details.
Anonymous said…
You know, we just came back from Laurito (Adolfo) where we spent the whole day, it was a glorious day and I thought of you ALL DAY.
I should thank you for your wonderful. warm, sweet words you had for myself and my family.
They all ask about you now and it makes me just happy if you feel part of my family.
Anonymous said…
Lovely, just lovely. Lucky Paola, lucky you.


PS I want to take a ride in that cupcake of a car.
alice c said…
And to think that this friendship, this laughter, this wonderful holiday came from blogging.
Loretta said…
Si, bellissimo! Her father is a stone carver? I would have been madly plotting how to take home that tablet in my carry on.

Thank you for giving me a taste of the beauty that I hope to someday see. Ah, the food, the people - and I must have that car with the wicker seats!
Jennifer said…
Those have got to be the most cutest cars ever!
Paula said…
Caterina said…
Yes, yes...Siii, BELLISIMO !

I think to Italians, everyone is family :)