AIM IM with Middle
9:44 PM

bb: Slap a tail on me, shove a banana in my mouth, and call me George.

Middle: ?

bb: which is totally different than "put a bow on it and call it Christmas"*
and a line worth mentioning
it's from my favorite bad fashion blog gofugyourself.com

Middle: ah

bb: which you could look at once a month and smirk
and which is well written
Slap a tail on me, shove a banana in my mouth, and call me George.
it's good

Middle: it's good

bb: yep

Middle: these dslr video cameras... haunting me.

bb: oooh. that's not good. that sounds expensive

Middle: they keep getting cheaper

bb: ride it out!

Middle: but the ones that are worth it, are still expensive.

bb: stay on target!**
or choose a cheap one, slap a bow on it and call it christmas***

Middle: it bugs me a bit though, because i just bought a dslr (obviously).
the cheap ones aren't worth it

bb: see how we've come full circle here?

Middle: ?

bb: I'm doing a full circle hand motion now that you can't see****

Middle: uh huh

bb: interesting crap on Antiques Roadshow right now - nah, maybe not

Middle: ahha
totally inverted laugh
i'm watching a thing on colors right now

bb: k
take care

Middle: lata

* I say this, with some frequency, when I feel we are finished with something.

**We use this Star Wars line often as well.

***See? There it is again.

****I had just told him about a friend at work who uses many hand gestures whilst speaking. Like a hula dancer. Maybe you had to be there. It was very Full Circle. With Hand Gestures. Trust me.


Anonymous said…
u guys are 2 cute.*

Back to the losing game...halftime's almost over.