I'm not a great fan of Halloween.
I probably was when I was a kid, I did like dressing up, but, even when my boys were small and I spent hours on end making their costumes I don't think I was particularly thrilled.
And I'm not sure what I was doing on the Martha Stewart website last week but that's where I saw these:

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according to a well-connected friend of mine, these photos are not new

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which is not to say they aren't appalling -

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this last one is even worse with the inclusion of the pie server, don't you think?
What?! I'm sure it's not sharp!

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Okay. This one? Not so bad. Not as terrible. Less bad.
But who, WHO I ASK YOU, has a long white skirt like that AND a five month-old baby? (We are instructed to make the yarn "web" over one of our existing skirts.)

Once we move beyond the baby costumes (and I have never been sure WHY babies need to dress for Halloween) Martha does a much better job (IMO) with kid costumes.
She covers Red Riding Hood and royalty pretty well, but it's these contemporary costume concept ideas that I like very much...


who wouldn't want to be the wind? I do. I want to be THE WIND.

I would love to be Ice...


minus a few teeth and as a blond, of course.

I would even be a wave -


I love the ocean.

OR, I could just go as ME -


your bb.


Poppy B. said…
Don't even get me started on the minor industry devoted to Halloween costumes for dogs.
Sinda said…
I want to see you in that last one.

A good friend did a riff on the spiderweb costume several years ago - and I think she got the idea from that Martha spread. She took a black dress - we all have those - and fixed white yarn to it somehow. We'd given her son an old spider costume that year, so it was perfect, and cute & simple.
1984. Pregnant with Cape Cod Kid.
I wore pink thermals, puffy tail, fuzzy slippers ears and whiskers.
I was reproducing like a bunny!

I had a toddler-sized baby bunny costume that both kids wore for their first Trick-or-treat outings.

I want to see that last bird scratch her beak.
That One said…
I think the spider web skirt would work better if the skirt were black and the webbing were white. The spider could be brown to show up better against mom's black costume.
Anonymous said…
SURE. With THOSE nails!
Other than that I think you'd be pretty cool, actually.
Anonymous said…
I'm opposite. I never liked Halloween as a child, perhaps because my mother did NOT spend hours on end on my costumes. My best costumes as an adult were the year I went as a Titanic victim and the year I went as Tippi Hedren from The Birds.

This year my husband made a nifty Wall-E costume out of a box and paint and duct tape for our kiddo, and the new baby will go as his sidekick, Eve. I will send you pictures.

Caterina said…
Not a HUGE fan, but I'll still play along with Halloween :)

I am dressing up the bambinos, but I did not do the whole crafty-mommy-made-costume thing. As if!

I love the ICE one too.
Duyvken said…
I adore ice and wind but don't care much for those baby costumes. I think baby's are cute enough just as they are.
Scot said…
Possibly Martha spent a bit too much time in lock-up. What's your excuse? :o)
Anonymous said…
Dearest bb,

This year, our girl (age 7) will be wearing this:

Brown boots (as per the snow that's forecasted for tonight - boots at Hallowe'en are practically required in Canada), brown pants, brown jacket. On her head will be a headband with a singular length of floral wire that swoops up, away from the headband (in a plate sized "C" shape) On the floral wire will be an 8 inch length of fishing wire. On the end of the fishing wire will be one singular leaf - that will hang approx. 5" from her face. When people asks what she is?


A leaf blower.

Clever, yes? I'll leave the fussy costumes to Martha.

blackbird said…


Anonymous said…
Man, these make my zombie prom queen costume look totally lame.
Heart the blackbird costume.
ree said…
You would be tres elegant in the bb costume.
The Coffee Lady said…
can you just throw a bucket of water on them and they can be Rain?
eurolush said…
Those babies make me hungry. I could eat a whole one right now.

PS-Blackbird costume = awesome
Wendy said…
We used one of her ideas for crazy hair day when G was in 5th grade. We sprayed his buzz cut green and I hot glued rubber insects to bobby pins. He went as grass.