going gray

Saturday was a gray day, here in Tuvalu.
It was warm and cloudy and it rained a few times - and I ran out of Sweettarts and I got an email from Anthropologie which whetted my appetite for some silvery gray things.

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Aren't these lovely?
Indeed they are. But I cannot imagine walking around town with pearls on my shoes. In fact, the very idea of looking down and seeing pearls on my shoes whilst running around the office makes me smirk.

What about this pillow?

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Yes, but I'm not buying any pillows.

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Meanwhile, I had been contemplating a pair of these

shiny wellies

because my rain boots are full of cracks and holes. I'm having a hard time figuring them out though. Those ^ look too shiny to me. Can anyone tell me if they are available in shiny and not-so-shiny? Because these


don't look as shiny.
And this is exactly the way I'd wear them -

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Anyway, back to the Anthromail...

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Crazy Beautiful Gray Shoes.

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Flutteringly Lovely Gray Dress.

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Stunning Gray Top Which, I Think, Only Looks Good On Her, Doing THAT.

miner's bottle

I'm so smitten with the whole email that I find myself drawn to The Miner's Bottle though I have no idea WHY it is called a Miner's Bottle and no clue what I'd do with it.

It was kind of gray here on Saturday.

*While researching new eyeglasses for K, we checked to see what kind of glasses Mr. Clapton wears as K has a similar facial structure and hairline. K is ordering small, round, wire-framed glasses, fyi.


alice c said…
Those shoes are so delicious that I could almost eat them.

I am struggling with the concept of you wearing Wellies. What would you do in them in Tuvalu? Anyway - if they are to be used in the mud and the rain as they are traditionally used in this country - they will not stay shiny for long.
eurolush said…
I'll eat those shoes before Alice can.

And the boots, too.
blackbird said…
Alice - can't I wear them through puddles and slush? Wouldn't they look darling with a skirt and turtleneck?

EL - I've heard you are SO thin that one cannot imagine you EVER eating ANYTHING.
ree said…
Those gray shoes...it's my heart that's fluttering.

I had a pair of royal blue leather in the same style - oh so many, many years ago...they were perfect for this flapper-y dress I used to be able to fit into.
Poppy B. said…
The last time gray was super fashionable (2003? 2004?) I bought a bunch of it, and I'm here to tell you, gray shoes aren't as wearable and all-purpose as you'd think. They look odd with black slacks because they break the shoes-must-be-darker-than-the-pants rule. And they look weirdly insubstantial with dark skirts.

(Of course, Anthro's take on them is a lot more Deborah Turbeville Ghosts-of-Versailles than the Isaac Mizrahi Belgian loafer-look-alikes I bought.)
Anonymous said…
Darn. When I saw than man I thought it was K's older brother (does he even have one?). I had never thought about his look a like and now that you posted it, Eric Clapton indeed, in a much younger version, yet HIM.

EL: Yes, I did it. I outed you. SO thin I believe Frau Mueller is simply a fairy tale to let us all crave pastries and gain lots of weight while you walk, exercise, Dance, skate, run and ultimately LAUGH about us all. Grunt.

On a totally different subject:
I WANT to meet Poppy. Now.

KPB said…
That grey dress is divine. If I was a hundred kilos lighter it'd look great on me.
Anonymous said…
That second pair of shoes is perfectly wonderful. I own Hunter Wellingtons in green and I assure you they are NOT shiny at all. Just for what that's worth.
Gray here today, too.
Anonymous said…
Loving the grays too. I saw a rack at Anthro the other day, and wanted Every Single Item on it. Lovely stuff.

Get the Wellies. I am splurging on a pair this autumn too. In Chocolate, though.

Scot said…
I'd like to meet all of you....especially if Paola brings the canoli.

This is why you women fascinate me. You said the pearls on your shoes would make you smirk yet the shoes with, what is that, a Brazil nut, on them - and nothing! No smirk, no LOL, nothing!?! I'm flummoxed.
BTW, a miner's bottle is what you keep your gold nuggets in.

Yo, my secret word is mated!
Suse said…
Well I'd quite like to meet you and Eurolush AND Paola thanks.

I was lusting after those grey shoes too (the second ones, not the pearl ones) but then read Poppy's comment which gave me pause.
Miz S said…
Does the model have her pinky in her ear for a good scratch? That's what it looks like to me.
Caterina said…
I love RAIN BOOTS. But I prefer mine to be happy --- like yellow with blue wales :)
Anonymous said…
You should wear the fluttery dress and the pearl shoes together. That would be lovely.