a day off

  • Slept a little late...seven is late, right?
  • Cleaned the kitchen, it was my turn.
  • Woke Youngest.
  • Re-woke Youngest.
  • Threw in some laundry.
  • Youngest reports that he has thrush (hello steroid reaction!).
  • Call doctor for prescription.
  • Did a little victory dance as I find one dose of medication here at the house.
  • Discover Jeep is leaking.
  • Call dealer. Warranty repair? No appointments available.
  • Take Youngest to doctor - am not allowed to remain with him for minor surgical procedure.
  • Fidget in waiting area.
  • Meet up with Youngest. Lose bet on how many stitches. Doc says only six. Doc looks like he's lying.
  • Bring Youngest out to lunch.
  • Return home to find repairman working on refrigerator.
  • Call grandmothers with medical update. Discover telephone line is messed up.
  • Report "trouble on the line."
  • Watch All My Children! Don't recognize half of the characters.
  • Direct telephone repairman to box on pole in yard, also leaking.
  • Watch Flipping Out while folding laundry.
  • As Middle sets up camera, prepare to make candy apples.
  • Make candy apples. Succeed at candy apples.
  • Receive Vermont Country Store Christmas catalogue.
  • Hahahahahahaha! Christmas!
  • Although, I've already bought a present for my mom.
  • Announce to children that I need their Christmas lists by next week.
  • Realize that Middle's birthday comes first.
  • Vacuum steps, living room and kitchen.
  • Speak to Favorite And Only Aunt.
  • Time for wine!


jo said…
I do love that you call her 'favorite and only aunt'.
Anonymous said…
Six stitches sounds a little more than minor! Hope he heals quickly!
Paula said…
Ooh, I should vacuum my stairs. I think it been way too long...

Glad it was minor.
Anonymous said…
Day off, uh?
If you say so.
XO to Youngest!
Kristen said…
I'm freaked out. I watched that AMC too after not watching for 6 million years and I have no idea who any of those people were. And why Erica Kane is not in prison.
Shall I send you updates on the new AMC characters?
Amy A. said…
I thought this was labeled "Day Off". Busy woman!

Doesn't it feel good to catch up on some chores, though?
Anonymous said…
I think success at candied apples is enough to redeem the entire day of misadventures.
Caterina said…
Whew is right.

REAL day off is needed :)
Miz S said…
No NAP??
RW said…
I know of these days off of which you speak.

yes 7am is a sleep in according to my books.
Poppy Buxom said…
Ooh, ooh, I got my Vermont Country Store catalog today! I just love looking at their pages and pages of Christmas candy. I've ordered stuff from them, too: plum pudding, Guittard non-pareils (they really are excellent) and black licorice.

And you know the clothes they sell? Totally my mother. TOTALLY.