Did you know that Verne Troyer is Mini Me?
I didn't know that that was his actual name.
How did I learn this?
Today, when he was standing, below my sight line, in my office - awaiting an appointment with my boss!

Can I get beyond this unexpected turn of events and report seriously on last night's Survivor episode without joking?
Will I, in the future, google image search ANYONE AND EVERYONE, who requests 30 minutes with my employer?
I'm going to try.
But, people, do you REALIZE how small Verne Troyer IS?
Truly, he can be measured against the small table lamp resting upon my desk! He's no bigger than a minute...he is 2'8" tall!

Okay. I'm going to calm down now.
It's day 16 and things look soggy but tranquil at Foa Foa.
No one has been sent home.
Everyone looks filthy - well, their clothes do, and Bad Russell has a plan.

At Galu, they contemplate electing Shambo chief. Erik thinks it's a good idea and will aid them in betraying her. He tells her and she says they have to vote.
They vote her in.
Monica doesn't understand how it happened but Shambo wants to act with motivation and kindness. She will honestlyhonestlyhonestly try to not be bossy, she says.
Kevin Spacey is happy with this plan.

But there's a challenge!
The sun is out and Shambo tells Jeff she isn't surprised that she's been made the leader of her team.
The teams must play a Concentration type game wherein they uncover needed items and choose which ones to keep.
The winners will go on a boat picnic.

(How much weight would I lose if I were on Survivor? Would I be able to wear boy-shorts? How would I ever be able to not shower for all those days? - these are the things I contemplate during these boring challenges.)
Ho hum. Galu scores a point.
(No ones hair looks especially dirty. Why is that? I think not being able to eat wouldn't bother me especially.)
Galu scores again, but so does Foa Foa.
Time lapse!
It's 6 to 3 with Galu leading.
(Jeff has sweat marks on his shirt. I'm not good in the heat. Maybe I couldn't do Survivor.)
6 to 4. Galu need one more point.
Galu win reward.

Laura is sent to Foa Foa because there is no Exile Island this time around. She makes fast work of bonding with Bad Russell and he wastes no time bargaining with her to protect each other in the final three. He "works her" and she falls for it - he even tells her that Ben has the Immunity Idol.

The winners paddle out to a tall ship for their reward. They haul the sails up and set off for a cruise. I have to say, it looks pretty spectacular. The feast is brought out on to the deck and everyone eats stew and bread and scones. Kevin Spacey has a great time. Shambo thanks the Lord for the reward. Monica thanks Shambo for not sending her to the other camp.

At Foa Foa, Laura continues to bond with the opposing team. Liz is annoyed that Natalie is sitting around chatting with Laura instead of helping to get the fire started. Bad Russell thinks Natalie is smart to talk with Laura and that Liz is stupid to complain.

Challenge time!
For immunity the teams both tribes paddle into the water to retrieve puzzle pieces and then solve a puzzle on shore.
Does this sound boring?
Foa Foa have left their Leadership Necklace back at camp as they think it's bad luck.
Is it?
Nope. Galu win again.
Bad Russell: These idiots might cost me a million dollars.

It's day 18. The female Foans are making fire and Bad Russell tells us how much he wants Jaison to go home. He tells Mick. Liz talks to Jaison, who is embarrassed and feels like dead weight.
Bad Russell talks to Liz about who should go and tells Liz it should be Jaison. She's thrilled it could be Jaison - because it's not her.

Time to vote!
Foa Foa have lost 8 challenges, one of the worst performances of any season!
Bad Russell is confident that no one can outwit him!
Liz trusts her team!
When is the damn merge?
There will only be four Foas left!
Who will they be?
Bad Russell, Natalie, that guy whose name I don't know, and Jaison.
Liz gets voted out!


Anonymous said…
Thank God he met you and not K or God knows what woudl have happened.
(am I mean? I didn't mean to be mean, it's just a fact)
And yes, I knew his real name from all the sex tape shenanigans going on.
Wait, how come I know this stuff and you don't?