Apples, Part 2: In Which I Fail

We go apple picking every year you know.
I write about it every Autumn.
Some years we sit in traffic and moan, some times we zip up to the mountains and have a jolly old time.
Then, we haul scores of apples home and spend weeks cooking them up in every recipe you can imagine.
But, year after year, I fail. I fail at Tarte Tatin, sometimes I botch up the pie, and, without question, every year, I fail at Apple Pancake.
This year was no exception.

I arrived home from work, having scoured the internet for the perfect recipe and promising the boys apple pancake for dinner. I give them a lot of credit. Not one of them accused me of continuing to poison them with yet another TERRIBLE apple pancake. They were hungry. They were enthused!
Oldest was, as is his nature, starving and impatient. He purposely sat quietly, with his guitar, strumming softly whilst trying to ignore the clock and his growling stomach as I made the batter and let it rest and prepared the ingredients and preheated the oven and mixed and stirred and warmed and baked.

They were all very good about it - K arrived a short time later and took precautionary measures by slicing some Illegally Imported Italian Salami and cheese and preparing a platter. The boys kept themselves busy while I cooked.

It looked good enough -

but looks are deceiving.

I was unsure of the timing and, as was pointed out to me, should have been suspicious of the egg to apple ratio in the recipe....

And I won't say it was inedible, but I will say that it was more of an apple omelet, if you apple clafoutis, perhaps - an apple frittata, K suggested.
But it was no apple pancake.

All was not lost.
We had a good laugh - and there was some chicken stir fry leftovers in the fridge for Oldest, who was still very hungry and very patient.


eurolush said…
Apple omlet? Hmmmm. Doesn't sound half-bad, actually.
That One said…
It sure does look good!
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, it looks delish ...
RW said…
too many eggs?
have you had an apple pancake before - what is the consistency supposed to be?

I agree with everyone above - it looks good but I wonder about the sweet/ savory combo?
The Coffee Lady said…
You didn't have to admit it to us, you know. You could have just shown us the pictures, and we could have just assumed it was wonderful.

This is the beauty of the internet. What business you have going around being honest I have no idea.
PaulaG said…
It looks like apple Yorkshire pudding.
Elan Morgan said…
I can't believe that it's this time of year again! I swear that I just read about last year's apples.
Anonymous said…
Apple Blue Betty!
Caterina said…
I would've eaten it and been very, very happy & content.

And this comment "Illegally Imported Italian Salami and cheese"
....that reminded me of my father. Thank you for that one :)