Apples, Part 1: In Which We Succeed

I posted the call time: 8:00am, Japanese French Toast, 9:00am departure.
The crew gathered quietly at 8:00 and ate the French Toast and, equipped with cameras and iPods, climbed into the Jeep at 9:00.
The trip to the orchard was uneventful. We never encountered traffic. We arrived at about 10:45 and had to wake Middle and Youngest to get out of the car.
It was not terribly crowded (though there was an awfully large Japanese contingent at the farm) and the weather was perfect.

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We roamed through the rows of apple trees choosing and tasting.

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We chatted and ate and walked and looked.


It was quiet and cool and lovely.


We picked apples.
We liked: Honeycrisps, Cortlands, Macintoshes, and Ida Reds. We did not like Romes, Red Delicious or Fujis.

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Middle took pictures and video and picked fewer apples than the rest of us.

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We waited patiently on line for hot apple cider donuts. They were worth the wait.

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It was a beautiful day and, that evening, I made an apple cobbler.

Last night I made an apple pancake. You can read about it when I post Apples, Part Two, In Which I Fail.


Jen on the Edge said…
Japanese French toast?

How many pounds of apples did you bring home?
Badger said…
Yeah, what makes the French toast Japanese? Miso? (I crack myself up.)

Fujis are pretty much the only kind of apple I buy. They are PERFECT. What is WRONG with you people? Also, what is wrong with my girl child, who will only eat Granny Smith?
blackbird said…
Jen/Badger - we buy this sweet bread at the Japanese grocer and make french toast with it.
Stephanie said…
I was going to ask the same thing Jen did. That sounds good.

Honeycrisp are my favorite. Lovely day.
Kel said…
Honeycrisp are my fav too.
Priscilla said…
Just bought a box of Honeycrisp this year and dried them. Fuji's are pretty similar to Honeycrisp I think, maybe a bad year for them as I thought the same thing at our apple orchard.

What beautiful countryside. Breathtaking!
Anonymous said…
Japanese French Toast--sounds like something you'd eat at the UN!
Looks like a perfect day. We share apple-disdain.
robiewankenobie said…
mcintosh are the bomb, and i will full out cut a bitch who says otherwise. for realz. okay, not for realz, but i certainly adamant about it. also? apples outside of the northeast? they are straight up crap. they don't even resemble a real apple. they are plastic fruit, i swear (even the ones from orchards). my old people are traveling back to my hometown today and made them swear that they would pack some apples back to this weary apple deprived girl. the end.
I just discovered Honeycrisp this week.

I have one of those apple peeler/corer things (you put them in a vise and it rotates the apple).
I hate peeling apples.
Paula said…
Lovey pictures; it's never going to stop raining here long enough to go apple picking this year.

I'm just going to the farmers market to buy them pre-picked...
Anonymous said…
We are ALL about the Honeycrisps here too. They are by far the best apple ever. And for the record, I absolutely abhor Red Deliciouses. Always have.

Your outing sounds like it was just about perfect.


(My word verification is "uphurs." Up whose? Hurs!)
Anonymous said…
Red Delicious = Devil Spawn Food

Honeycrisp = Mmmmmm! (They were developed at the University of Minnesota; have been available here for about 10 years, but last year was the first time I started hearing about them from other parts of the country. Yay for sharing the goodness!)

Every good expedition needs an archivist, both photo- and video-.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Now I can add "Japanese French toast" to my food wish list.
Your fam trips sound so lovely.
Readersguide said…
It is absolutely true that there are no apples to speak of outside the northeast. (We sent our oldest to school in Maine and that's one of the few bits of news we got all year.) Here in California, fujis are the only thing that even approximates an apple. That's how bad it is. I grew up in Connecticut, and I was always partial to McIntosh. I am seized with longing. Also, it's 75 degrees here, and I just can't stand it. Also, that blue sky? Also not available outside of new england. Sigh.
Unknown said…
Apples from WA State are actually pretty good. I like Galas, myself. I haven't tried a Honeycrisp, yet, but I've been hearing rave after rave after rave. Perhaps I'll try to track some down...
Caterina said…
I don't talk apple. Maybe orange, but not apple...hahaha.

But apple cobbler --- OH YUMEE. And hot apple cider donuts !!!! Double yummeeee :)
eurolush said…
I would KILL for some of that apple cobler right now. KILL.