why did we need supplies?

Because we were going on a Superhero Mission.

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We drove out to MFAOA's house to drop off a care package.

at the ready2

Youngest was ready to spring into action.

The goods?

the goods

Brownies, balloons, a book, flowers, and some wee pocket charms.
And not just any brownies: Guinness Brownies.
But, you see, the house has some tight security...

running up

cameras and soft chimes alert the residents when someone approaches. We did not wish to disturb.
Hence, the stealthy, low advance and the run-like-hell return.

coming back

Which was why we needed Parkour Boy in the first place.


The mission was a great success.

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Flush with pride, we are planning our next adventure.


unmitigated me said…
I know a Parkour boy, but he mostly parks his kour in Ann Arbor. I can imagine he would loved to do that in Brooklyn.
erin kelly said…
This post rates my first comment. Thank you to you and C for using your super powers for such good. And for being so good to my mom.
Anonymous said…
Another victory for the Supers! Way to go!