we needed some supplies

A shopping trip with photos by bb and Middle.

As Superheroes, we need a lot of equipment.
Where do we purchase our equipment?

Where else?

How wonderful is this place?

Pretty wonderful.

What did we seek?

Many things.

Did we take the oath?


We did.

Did we levitate?

don't levitate

We did not levitate.

Did we place our items in the vault?


Indeed we did.

Might we need anything else?

We just might.

Are we now prepared?





unmitigated me said…
What, no wonderfluonium?
Paula said…
This cracks me up.

Dale told me you can get anything in NYC...
The Coffee Lady said…
Did you not buy the muscle? What were you thinking?
Betsy said…
someday i will take my boys to superhero supply! made me smile! thanks.
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful place!
Anonymous said…
Once again ... ONLY in the USA.
Anonymous said…
I have it on good authority (#2 son, although it is also available on a t-shirt) that the only choices for superpowers are to "use them for good or for awesome". You guys have clearly chosen the latter.
mizz_b said…
Did you not try on capes and stand above the fan?
Anonymous said…
of course we did.

Anonymous said…
I am in awe. That shop exceeds awesomeness. My sons would ADORE it.
Lover Lady said…
^Ditto what Green Girl says. Except delete "sons" and insert "nephews."

Vodka Mom said…
I LOVEd this..............
Anonymous said…
I was very upset that they were out of Anti-matter in a can.

unmitigated me said…
K - containers for anti-matter can be a little tricky.
Crazy Mom! said…
I lurve this! I showed the Stooges - they were fascinated
Julie said…
I'll be in the BK visiting my mom @ the end of the month. I just e-mailed her and told her that we MUST go here.