A Trip To Sorrento!

One can't just hang around Positano every day, can one?
Well, I could, could have, but, fortunately, Paola and K had other ideas and I'm always happy to go shopping. So, Sorrento it was.


In some ways, Sorrento feels like lots of other cities...Bridgetown, Hamilton, Kingston. Soon after we arrived, I heard someone exclaim: geez, this is crazier than New York City! And he was kind of right. Scooters and motorcycles and tourist trollies and buses swirled around us. But we hurried along on a mission to find things for the boys.


I was always pleasantly surprised to see all the scooters and motorcycles in Italy - I don't know why. I wish more people in Tuvalu had them and felt very Italian when I rode on the back of ours last weekend.

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Did you know that I am unable to purchase good fruit in Tuvalu? It's true - I seem somehow cursed and have never been able to get decent fruit. I might have been able to in Sorrento but I didn't try.


Paola and I ooohed and aaahed over these little shoes.


We joked about having daughters to buy dresses for....


I suppose that Sorrento would have been a good place to look for fine Italian linens, but I hadn't thought about it, and I don't really need any linens. And I was too busy looking around -

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you know me, I have to look AROUND.

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I need to SEE what people are DOING.



Happily for me, there were lots of people doing lots of things...

it's pennies

her bag was made of PENNIES!

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A motorcycle made of WOOD!

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Lemons the size of my HEAD!

Sorrento was wonderful. We bought everything we needed, the boys loved their presents (little toys, candy, chips) and we hurried home, like everyone else -

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for lunch.

But that's a post for another day.


Anonymous said…
Those little shoes are terribly sweet.
Jen on the Edge said…
So many interesting things to look at.

My younger girl had red shoes just like those when she was two. She loved them a great deal and wore them every day for months and months. I just got her a pair of red patent leather MJ's and I suspect I'll see those a lot too.
Anonymous said…
I might have to go back and purchase those red shoes.
Anonymous said…
Oh those shoes! I might have bought those...but the penny purse woman would have distracted me.
Jennifer said…
Hi bb :) so glad to see you made it back there and even more glad to see your wonderful pictures. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger friend lately, but I'm glad I caught up tonight :)
Anonymous said…
My shoulder aches just looking at that bag. But I am swooning over the rest of the sights.

The Coffee Lady said…
those LEMONS!
Jess said…
I think those are citrons - not lemons. All your Italy posts are giving me flashbacks to the strange 2 months I spent there in college, but the citrons! Somehow we came into possession of one, and lord knows why but I remember carrying it around and making jokes about it. Flashbacks, I tell you.