Thursday, which is my Friday

I'm taking Friday off from work and will have a long weekend, so today is my Friday.
What am I doing during my long weekend?
Well, someone has to vacuum the stairs.
Also, we are going on a stealthy mission which I will report on in a couple of days.
AND we are having the groceries delivered!
I know, you are all terribly envious.
In the meantime, I wanted to tell you that I'm bringing my camera to work today. I have two posts I want to do, have been meaning to do, for a long time:

1. Notes From The Commute - On The Scooter Edition

2. Officescapes

I also need to tell you about the first days of school and orientation and the weather and the people I see on my way to work each day AND I need to put away my summery work-clothes as this weekend marks the unofficial end of the season...farewell linen dresses and white pants!
It's true - in the back of my head (and what the heck does that mean?) I can hear my grandmother and mother advising against carrying a cloth handbag after the first week of September.

More later. Which could be tomorrow.


Pretty Things said…
Even though I work from home, I love when my husband takes long weekends -- it means I get to sleep late an extra day! :-)
Anonymous said…
I hope that extra day of weekending lets you get all of this done!
The Coffee Lady said…
are you faffing about? I would be faffing about
eurolush said…
Momentarily struck by #2, which I read as: "office capes."

Had a sudden vivid picture of your workplace and its caped occupants.

Officescapes will be fun, too, I guess. Though a bit of a letdown now.
Anonymous said…
Oh, the scooter edition.
I like that.

PS Eurolush, I am following your back
kt said…
happy fall!

wearing wool makes me happy; couldn't do that in the desert, you know!
alice c said…
My mother and grandmother NEVER gave me useful advice about handbags. I realise now what a deprived childhood I had.