ten things that are deeply wrong with me

Lifted from Badger.

1. I'm addicted to lip balm. I know it is a vicious cycle and am thankful that I've kicked my Afrin habit, but there it is.

2. Not only can I not wear white pants (yes, I own a pair) after September 1st, but I must also switch from iced coffee to hot. Summer is over, folks.

3. My feet feel dry at the end of the day. I'm forever moisturizing them at night.

4. I fixate and worry about one particular thing at a time: one of the kids, my size and shape, something at work, nuclear war. These things are given the same emotional weight.

5. I like things to be symetrical.

6. I tend to count things.

7. I am suspicious of everyone.

8. I don't drink enough. Water.

9. I'm happy to walk a couple of miles a day out in the world but would never do it in a gym.

10. I'm not terribly fond of rhyming stuff.


Help for your dry feet. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Get a good salt scrub (or make your own) and a pumice. Scrub off the dry skin and your moisturizer will soak right into your skin.
Thank you, I'm a professional.

I am also a symmetrical lover and counter of all things. It makes my little OCD heart sing.
RW said…
exfoliate before you moisturize.

worrying about one thing at a time... I think I do that too.
unmitigated me said…
I'm not sure a lack of fondness for rhyming thigs qualifies as "deeply wrong." Switching to hot coffee in September, though, that qualifies you for professional help.
Anonymous said…
My feet are dry too, but I blame it on going barefoot ALL THE TIME.
I'm also barelipped all the time which would explain my addiction to lip balm.
But my favorite thing on your list was the symmetry. I wouldn't have guessed that about you.
The Coffee Lady said…
I can never drink iced coffee or wear white trousers.

I have done both just once; the first when I was a teenager, the second when I was heavily pregnant, and I slipped and fell into a muddy puddle.
Anonymous said…
What's wrong with lip balm?
And don't get me started on things to be symmetrical...everyone teases me
eurolush said…
Hello, me.
dan renzi said…
For dry skin, including feet, I take fish oil capsules. Two a day. I used to have horribly cracked feet, as well as permanently-chapped lips. Now both are gone. The Omega-3's make your outer layer soft and supple.

Also, chapped feet are often not caused by dry skin. It can actually be athlete's foot fungus. Yes, it just looks like dry feet but there's more to it. This is why moisturizing over and over doesn't do anything. Your "dry" feet aren't dry.
Jen said…
I drink hot coffee all year long AND I have asymetrical children. We must never meet.
Anonymous said…
What are we supposed to do, out here in California where it doesn't get hot until September? I have never figured it out.
I don't much like rhyming stuff either.
alice c said…
This is a terrifying meme. I will worry all night about which 10 things are the most deeply wrong with me. There are so many to choose from.
blackbird said…
@alice c: well, at least you haven't just been diagnosed with Athlete's Foot.
Anonymous said…
Does balanced count, or do things have to be absolutely symmetrical? I can tolerate asymmetry, even appreciate it, as long as the thing is balanced.

I count things, too. But then I became an accountant so it's okay.
Awwww! We can never be soul mates now, because I am secretly in love with Theodore Dreisel. And I am SURE you don't have a terrible fungus! Only people who enter gyms to walk on treadmills get those.
Anonymous said…
Your feet are fine. Sheesh, Dan!

Amy A. said…
There is nothing wrong with a lip balm addiction. Smooth lips make for kissable lips!