Star Wars Uncut

My boys have a new project.
The house has been upside down with props and costumes and lights.
It's all very low-tech with high-tech equipment, kind of...they even got my car to be the Millennium Falcon.


That would be Muttsey as Chewbacca.

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Somehow it all looks quite accurate in their version.
(Which I am not going to link to as it is very "face-y" and, you know...)

So, the deal is: you choose a 15 second clip from Star Wars and re-shoot it and put it on Vimeo and, in the end, they will put all the clips together to make a new Star Wars.

Look, there's Darth in my kitchen -

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I think they used a lot of paper...


They shot on the steps -

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and in the hall

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and had a wonderful time.

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And The Force was with them, always.


Miz S said…
So much creative spark, those boys of yours.

Hey, the dog is looking old. Maybe you'll be released from dog bondage soon.
KPB said…
Is that damn dog still alive.

Best Chewbacca ever.

Now they must do another one, this time featuring Yoda. Yoda my favourite is he.
Anonymous said…
That is AWESOME. Your car interior looks JUST LIKE the Millenium Falcoln. Terrific stormtrooper costume, too!
Anonymous said…
And we all complain about kids being slouchy and demotivated.
Here's proof of the VERY contrary.
Go Bb boys!
Jen on the Edge said…
Your boys are so unbelievably creative and clever. I'm still marveling over the Millennium Falcon.
Irene said…
I know I said it before, but I'm saying again.
when Sean and Will are older, I want them to be JUST LIKE YOUR BOYS.

Anonymous said…
That is awesome. I laughed at the Millenium [Jeep] Falcon and Muttsey/Chewie until tears rolled down my face.

The stormtrooper costume looks EXACTLY like the original.

Gonna send a link to this post to my two boys. #1 was a Star Wars fanatic when he was about 8, and #2 will appreciate the videoing.
RW said…
ah the freedom of youth
so fun
Pretty Things said…
That is so very awesome, and most incredibly creative!
eurolush said…
Love it.
smalltownme said…
Very creative!
The Coffee Lady said…
That's just fab.
Your boys are beyond cool
Anonymous said…
Forget the movie, let's have a good look at your kitchen! It's beautiful in there.

Wendy said…
May I borrow your boys? Ellie has decided on a home party for her birthday - yay! It will have a Star Wars theme - I have NOT been collecting Star Wars dishes and stuffed animals for years. I'm stealing their ideas for turning our fort into the Milennium Falcon.
Allison said…
Fantastic! OMG am I really still THAT MUCH IN LOVE with Luke Skywalker? (sigh)
Anonymous said…
The stormtrooper uniform was obviously not designed for ease of movement. Clever, clever boys!