Run Lola Run*

Did you hold your breath?

My passport had expired. I hadn't realized.
I have plenty of excuses: after my last trip to Italy I really wasn't thinking about leaving the country anytime soon, K secretly made the arrangements for this trip and we never considered that my passport might have expired, and the five of us have different expiration dates/years.
Anyway. Expired. By one month.
You can imagine my shock, ensuing panic and anxiety when I realized this ON MONDAY MORNING.
Internet research, phone calls and further panic and anxiety propelled me into town at an ungodly hour where I procured forms and photos before 9:00 but was still in need of an appointment with The Passport Department. (Yes, my city does have private passport expediting services but I'd much rather spend $300 to $600 at JCrew - not that I'm going to.)
K was able to get me an appointment one state away (I might have had to travel further) for Tuesday morning at 9:30.
I went, with forms and photos, I stood in line (by appointment only), I was given very little chance to tell my tale of woe, I wept a little (but really didn't have the energy), I drove back to town, spent half an hour looking for a place to leave my Jeep (full lots and too tall with the cargo basket) and went to work - where I proceeded to be distracted and anxiety ridden for the rest of the day (while my dear boss was patient, understanding and only teased me a little bit).
Tracking numbers were provided but not helpful (I paid extra for overnight mail) and a phone call later (on Wednesday) allayed my fears (there was some discussion at the agency about my having to come back before my flight to secure a different document and then driving directly to the airport -which I was not looking forward to).
We all know this trip has been a little hexed from the beginning and I have certainly adopted that attitude over time.
But I am going to Italy. I am going to have a good time.
My passport is safely in my hand.

All is well.

*I had fully intended to have a clip from the movie here as this is how my life has been this week. Alas, none of them suit me. Get on that, won't you?


Anonymous said…
Oh but I WENT to the airport to leave for the US one year and ONLY at the check-in desk did I realize my passport was expired.
The rest is a bit to long to tell in a comment box.
But please go ahead and laugh.
RW said…
Oh man.
So Glad to hear that it all worked itself out in the end.
But, I can just imagine the moment you realized... I have had those moments.
That One said…
HUGE sigh of relief!

wv is poopo. just had to share because, yes, sometimes I am that juvenile.
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh my. I'm so glad it all worked out.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!
That would bring on a MAJOR anxiety attack!
Mine expires in Nov. I have no plans to leave the country, but I think I'll renew it soon....just in case.
Anonymous said…
Oh I would have panicked. And knowing that mine has expired, perhaps I should get the wheels in motion to get another one ready...
Ann Martin said…
Oh my... so glad it worked out well in the end. You must have been in such a dither! Fingers crossed this time the trip to Italy will be completely charmed. Looking forward to the rehash.
Poppy B. said…
I feel your pain. In fact, I already felt it. Sheesh, woman! Why do you think I blog? So other people won't make the same mistakes! [poppisima_blogspot_com]
eurolush said…
Long exhale.

Now go enjoy ITALY!!

PS-Safe travels to you both.

PPS-Have a Panini for me...and some Gelato!
Amy A. said…
As I was reading I got a little stomach ache for you. But I was glad to see the last sentence!

I'm excited for you. Drink an extra cup of Italian coffee for all of us back here. :)
Anonymous said…
OMG--don't DO that to us anymore! I was hyperventilating.

Glad it worked out. Now, arrivederci, or however you spell it. Have fun!

alice c said…
and exhale....

(hope to be off the prescription for anxiety meds by the time you return)

Go and have a wonderful time. We need some sunny Italian pics to make us happy.
Loretta said…
Hair. Standing. On. End.

You'd better be safely there by now or having a lovely G&T over the Atlantic.

Buona serra!
Anonymous said…
Damn that Merc retro!
Buona vacanza!

Scot said…
WTF? You and Dan Renzi are both leaving the country at the same time! Both heading to Europe. Youz got some 'splaining to do!
Anonymous said…
It's going to be marvelous!

scarlettm said…
Same thing happened to me three weeks ago - four days before we left for Italy. Nothing like adding a little anxiety into the travel mix...