random, with photos


Isn't this a lovely skirt? It's from Etsy, of course, from Treehouse28. I'm fond of this turtleneck too...


in grey, as a matter of fact. Perhaps I'll order one.

Do you see these women?


Do you?


Grown, adult women. Twins, I suppose.


They were dressed exactly the same from the scrunchies in their hair to their sneakers and socks. Remarkable.
(And, I will add, no easy feat getting a photo of during the morning rush.)

Speaking of the morning rush, I did manage some shots of the scooters at the station.


That's our scooter on the right. The red one belongs to the Mysterious and Dashing Red Scooter Guy who rides rain or shine and works very long hours.


This black scooter lives down the road from us. This black scooter has a cup holder which thrills me as its rider often arrives at the station with a cup of coffee. A built-in cup holder, mind you, in the very spot where our oil-gauge is located.
While I have seen the owner of this scooter driving his children around town I have never seen his wife riding on the back of this Vino. I like to point this out to K on a regular basis.


This big white scooter is new to the lot and someone needs to discuss the whole Scooter/Motorcycle hierarchy to its owner because there are unspoken rules.

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See, the big boys park near the wall and the scooters each have their own areas. People tend to arrive at the same time every day and park in the same spots. Mr. White Scooter parks willy-nilly leaving other riders to fend for themselves and upset the daily routines of certain people like...uh...ME. Not to worry. I've recently spoken a bit with The Big Boys (Mr. Triumph and Mr. BMW) and before you know it we'll be buddies and this will ease my morning scooter-parking anxieties.

Some of my favorite musicians were playing in the station Friday night.


They draw a great crowd.


They play long and loud and go on and on until they are exhausted. Well worth the couple of bucks I toss in their case as I rush by.

I got to ride home with Middle that evening. I'd love to have heard about college but he went to sleep.

me and M train

Last Sunday we went over to K's office to shoot his 15 second Star Wars clip.
I don't know how much I've told you about the building K works in but it is uber industrial chic.

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AND, people ride around on scooters there too...

<span class=

(Middle scooting.)

The boys had a good time scooting around the building and Middle took some fabulous pictures while K set the shots -


and made us paper hats.


We spent an hour or so shooting and then went downstairs as I promised the boys a reward for giving up their Sunday morning.



eurolush said…
Great photos.


eurolush said…
I should also mention that though I'm a twin, we try not to match our scrunchies, if possible.
Anonymous said…
Eurolush lies. I've seen her and her twin dress in identical smocked frocks while eating pastries off Frau Muller's pastry truck. Just saying.
I would never have known there were scooter rules, but it makes sense. As do cupholders.
The ruffles on that skirt would make my behind look bigger, though I like the IDEA of it.
Your husband's building is so modern I thought he worked on the Starship Enterprise. Wow.
Anonymous said…
I see a lot of Vespa's out there. And I was really shocked that yoru scooter is bright blue. YOU, a colour! Major shock!!!
Other than that I really like the photo posts a lot.

PS Those twins, scary.
Anonymous said…
Those twins need to meet these twins:

(I see these two at the county fair EVERY YEAR.)
The Coffee Lady said…
I would look like a pregnant worm in that turtleneck.
Pretty Things said…
I love random photos. But I love cupcakes more.

Mmm. Cake.
Anonymous said…
I love your life. Especially if it comes with those cupcakes. YUM.

ree said…
I'll give up my Sunday mornings to scoot and eat cupcakes with you.
Anonymous said…
those aren't just cupcakes. they are magnolia cupcakes, aren't they?

god I miss magnolia.
Anonymous said…
I'd give up my Sunday mornings, Thursday nights and Tuesday afternoons to enjoy those cupcakes!
KPB said…
Forget the twins (such a cliche! and SO last year) in the third pic there's a woman striding across the shot with the most awesome pair of wedged heels.

K doesn't work in the building where Google was based anymore does he. Or is that the building?

Your entire family is now just so uber cool it takes my breath away.

You have caught up over at Eurolush's almost abandoned blog haven't you? I am again, almost breathless with the beauty of that place AND the knowledge you are going to be there. Most awesome.

OH, and that turtleneck on me? Would be the equivalent of eating babies for breakfast. Such would be the crime against humanity. I'd be the Anakin Skywalker of fashion. Slaughtering younglings just through the horror how I looked. Felling people by rolling folds of flesh.

The skirt however, is awesome.

As you were.
Priscilla said…
I'm fond of the body in that turtleneck. Doubtful my hips were ever that size.

The twins, hilarious! Bet they live together too. Can you just imagine a life like that? They also have a secret language, I'm guessing.