cooler evenings
wearing long sleeves
powdered laundry detergent
the excitement building at my office
the newspaper
my lunch pals
the underwear from Old Navy that I thought I hated

not so much:

spiders coming in out of the cold
jet lag
a couple of extra Italian pounds
feeling pressed for time


another cup of coffee from La Zagara
my new eyeglasses
my shoes repaired
someone to wash the kitchen floor*
my own parking spot AT the station
the inclination to knit again and time to do it

*which was filthy before I left...


RW said…
a good cup of coffee... I just found out that I only have enough for two americanos in the morning so if I have a coffee tonight - that means I will have to sacrifice my morning java which I am not prepared to do so I will drink a cup of tea instead but it is NOT the same.
Adventure Otaku said…
yeah, sorry about the floor.

eurolush said…
Did you ever buy my Italian eyeglasses...the ones you were going to wear FOR me?

I imagine they'll be colorful.
Anonymous said…
Not you too! What is it? the fall perhaps? Everyone is crafting inspired. Must be the cool air.
I was just discussing knitting with my daughter. I never got around to knitting her a scarf last winter. I told her I would do it soon.

I know! A scarf! In Florida!
She says it's chilly walking across campus at 8AM in January.

I bet those Italian pounds will fall off when you get back into your regular routine.
Anonymous said…
I'm the opposite--I'm NOT liking the cooler weather, long sleeves and the lot of it.
But I think it's nice that your new underwear surprised you
Jen said…
I didn't know you knit! But then, until recently I didn't know you had a dog. Full of surprises, you.