People Style Watch magazine's 10 Fall Must Haves, and my thoughts on them

Whilst wasting time at the other end of the office last week (as my boss was "on holiday" ) I spied a copy of People Magazine's Style Watch issue on a co-worker's desk. She was good enough to loan it to me and I had a wonderful time reading it on the train.
Herewith: 10 fall must-haves (according to People) and my thoughts...

#1: Something Red
Okay, fine. Something red. Not a big deal. A nice pick-me-up even. Don't get carried away.

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This bag might be a nice addition.

the angels want to wear

These shoes might liven things up. One small touch of red.

A Saddlebag


I, personally, am not feeling it. I'm not saying it may not become A TREND, but I don't especially care for it and don't think it's an especially flattering accessory. After all, one puts saddlebags on horses. Or motorcycles.


Yes. I've noticed this on people and in stores.


Pretty and feminine without being floral, ruffles are now sophisticated. And available in my color scheme as you can see.


A word of caution: do yourself a favor and place your ruffles carefully. Chesty? Buy a boot with a ruffle. Hippy? Stay away from the skirt. And keep the rest of the lines clean, please. But I don't have to tell you this, do I?

must-have for the fall - Leopard

No. Just no. Every year all the magazines tell us we have to have something with an animal print. EVERY YEAR. Have you ever even SEEN something you wanted with an animal print? In real fur it is not my cup of tea and what in the WORLD is the point of fake fur? Nothing, in my eyes, looks trashier than fake fur. Wear leopard if you want to look like a 70's sitcom cougar, say I. I MIGHT allow these:


From Target. Otherwise, no.

Black Leather

Has anyone ever purchased an article of leather clothing that they did not come to regret? I'm not talking about a leather biker jacket (which could be regrettable for some), I'm talking about leather pants or a skirt or (dear god) a vest. People suggested this dress -

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The cut of which appeals to me as it resembles a child's art smock from kindergarten when pictured off the model. On the model it looks like the lead apron I wore last week to have my finger x-rayed (soft tissue damage and a bone contusion) which is to say: not terribly flattering.

People also suggested this very jacket

jacket w-<span class=

and if you MUST HAVE black leather, it's not a bad way to go.

Lug Soled Heels


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It's a brief-case for your ankle!

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No. Thank you.

Bold Gold Necklaces

gold necklaces

Uh. Okay, I guess.

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This one kind of looks like barbed wire on a chain-link fence.
But this one is kind of nice.


Sheath Dresses

Don't insult my intelligence, People Magazine. Sheath dresses are an Every-Season Must Have. Never out of style and always suitable.


Neon Pink and Black




Leggings are a fall must-have like underwear and socks are. I would go out on a limb and suggest that they are not especially fashion forward, but now I'm re-thinking my whole theory here.
Perhaps these are meant to be things none of us should be without this fall?
Never mind...I stand by my assessments.

People Style Watch might not be my go-to for fashion advice....


Badger said…
These fashion forecast magazines make me CRAZY. It has ALL BEEN DONE. We've DONE saddle bags. We've DONE lug soles. We've DONE big gold necklaces. Gah!

Or maybe I'm just old and cranky? That's probably it.

I do like your choices, though. Except the leggings, but I've always hated leggings (on me personally, I mean).
Anonymous said…
I love all your fashion bons mots.

Y'know what's killing me fashion-wise?: those peep-toe ankle boots. BLECHHH!!! (and brrr!)

blackbird said…
Those boots don't seem to make a lot of sense, especially when paired with colored tights - but I've seen them worn well by the tall and thin city girls.
RW said…
I just read another list - and they too mentioned neon.

Susie Sunshine said…
Badger's totally right. If you wear these "Must Haves" all at the same time, you'd be Cyndi Lauper circa 1984.

Instead of going back to my high school years, why the hell aren't designers Jetson-ing us up yet?
Nine West has a giraffe print bag that I thought of buying, but my daughter bought it and we share our purses.

When I was in 7th grade (back in the olden days of the late 1960's) my aunt bought me a leather skirt and vest. I loved it so much I wore it for my class picture. I think I wore it with a ruffled blouse.
Anonymous said…
I am quite sure that the leopard to which People was referring was Snow Leopard for Mac. Thank you, People, I already ordered mine in the family pack. Because even People magazine is not dumb enough to try to sell us on wearing wild animal prints. Are they?
Jen said…
I think those leggings are cute under dresses and skirts if you have legs like my eldest child (yards long and reed thin). With just a shirt, they're underwear.

Lover Lady said…
I see fashion is sliding back into the 80s, my prime years....sigh.
Anonymous said…
Will you be ashamed of me and not come and see me if I admit I actually like the third pair of shoes?
Because I do.
Anonymous said…

Stand up and look in the mirror...if your legs looks like the ones in the pictures...THAN YOU MAY WEAR LEGGINGS !!!!

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Your fashion advice is impeccable, which is about what I assumed it would be. Our taste is so similar. My only surprise is that they didn't tell us "warm colors are hot for fall."
Anonymous said…
Hmm. I love leopard print. I wear it sparingly--leopard flats are the perfect touch--and I am here to say that I am definitely NOT a cougar from a sitcom. But I guess I am tending to agree with you on pretty much everything else, especially the yummy ruffles. And hey--"military" is noticeably absent from these picks. TG! Seems like not a fall goes by without the Fashion Powers That Be telling us to wear something with epaulets.

Wendy said…
When I saw neon pink and black I immediately thought "Ellie!". I'll let her know that she has exactly two weeks to enjoy the trend before she's too old for it.

And I'm a little scared to tell you that I own leopard slingbacks and I LOVE them. As well as a leopard Kate Spade bag circa 1996 which I also love, but not worn together.
ree said…
Yea. When I wear leggings, my saddlebags show. I think I'll do without both!

I do have a soft spot for leopard print right now, though.
Anonymous said…
My daughter is waging a personal war against those who wear leggings with short shirts. "Leggings are not pants, people!" is her mantra. They should be sold with that very warning in prominent view!
Pretty Things said…
Lug soled high heels? I guess they'd work in icy weather. Sort of.

Leggings. I made so many fashion faux pas with those in the 80s and early 90s that I can't reconcile myself to those, even though I've seen so many people look quite cute in them.

Funny, they didn't mention my jewelry as a must have (enter evil grin!).