oh, I have pictures

But I need time!
I have dozens of photos to upload - so many things to show you...steps and alleys and scooters and cars and boats.
Today we will decide, with Paola, if we are to go to Capri or Ravello. It is overcast right now (7:53 am) and Fabio will tell us about the weather for the day.
Fabio, you see, is like K. He has a weather station at their house (and a telescope and a love for photography and a fine taste for wine - finer than Ks: last night we each described the fruits and acidity in the two fine wines he bought us) and watches the clouds and feels the air and knows, better than the weatherman what the clouds will bring.

And, as soon as I get back, I will work on uploading some of the pictures for you.


Anonymous said…
It was rain in the end, right K?

PS It's so WEIRD to comment while you're HERE!

"Loves it"!
Anonymous said…
Okay, I was totally jealous that you're THERE, but then I forgot about the WINE and now I'm Jealous(2). (That's supposed to be "jealous squared")
RW said…
will be back
later to check.