notes for Monday

  • I have put our things together for our trip.
  • I am completely and ashamedly addicted to SweetTarts.
  • It feels more and more like Autumn outside.
  • Even though I know he won't peek around, I am committed to having the house as clean as it can be when my brother arrives.
  • I have procured small things to bring to our Italian friends next week though I stumbled several times when things I thought to bring them, because they are lovely, were MADE IN ITALY.
  • I'm beginning to understand this whole cupcake phenomenon.
  • K made Beouf Bourginon last night. We had to say it in our Julia voices.
  • Busy week.


Lover Lady said…
I have been a fan of SweetTarts since a child. That was a long time ago. I used to esp. love the Giant ones that were 2-inches in diameter--I could suck on one of those half the day.
Anonymous said…
Well, we had a storm here as well, be warned.

That "made in Italy" thing happens a lot. Thank God it's not all made in China!

Counting down, my friend.

alice c said…
I am ridiculously excited about your trip. Ridiculously, I tell you.
Anonymous said…
I love that you used Julia voices.
Cupcakes have been growing on me, too.
RW said…
I found a "mini cupcake" baking tin at a local thrift shop and I am going to bake today.

I, like Alice, am very excited about your trip.
Mary said…
Have a wonderful time in Italy BB

Loretta said…
1. I have loved Sweet Tarts since my youth, as has Mr. Pom.

2. I made boeuf bougougnoniogngndo (only word I can't spell) last night, too. Must be something in the autumn air!
Anonymous said…
I was sleepless last night, and turned on the tube to find Julia making bouilebase in 1956 or something. Her charm was lost on me in my youth, but last night, I was smiling wide as she decapitated all those fish with such gusto. WHACK. I didn't realize that could be amusing, but it was.

eurolush said…
Give Paola a smooch for me.
Lauri said…
SweetTarts keep me from gaining 100 pounds as a late night treat - I eat those instead of all the other carb filled options in the kitchen - love, love, love absolute favorite, though, are the Giant variety of my youth (not the chewy kind of today, although it will do in a pinch) used to hit the package on the counter to break them up....yum

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with Paola