meanwhile, back in Tuvalu

The scene: the living room, bb and K and Middle are watching Ocean's Twelve and trying to figure out who's going where tomorrow morning. Youngest is off set.

bb: I have to be in town early tomorrow morning, I'm having breakfast with a friend.

K: Early? I'm in at the regular time. (looks at Middle) What time are you going in?

Middle: I'm in at 3:00.

bb: So, I'm driving myself to the station?

K: No, I'll drive you...

bb: When does Youngest have to be at school?

Everyone shrugs. bb shouts up the stairs:


Youngest (from upstairs): I'M OFF TOMORROW.

Everyone shrugs.

bb: okay, so?

Middle: I'm walking to the station.

bb: I'm driving myself.

K: I'll take the scooter.

Middle: I'm still walking.


Vodka Mom said…
oh jesus I loved that.
Anonymous said…
Oh so familiar...
Badger said…
Ha! Sometimes I think it would be easier if we had anything resembling decent public transportation around these parts. But maybe not.
I don't know's on second...
alice c said…
There is something mighty mysterious about this - WHY does Middle refuse a ride in the car so vehemently.

So many possibilities...

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