making plans with Uncle B - NOW WITH FOOTNOTES

8:28 PM, via IM

B: you dont need a dutch oven do you?

bb:we have a big one
but I'd like a smaller one

B: how big?

bb: to replace a saucepan we've lost

B: replacing a sauce pan with a dutch oven?
I like it

bb: yeah - I think it will work

B: if you leave me money I will do my own food shopping

bb: HA

B: I eat well
they are going to have lasagna
spaghetti with my famous meatballs
chicken cutlet parmigiana
I dont know what else.

bb: heavy on the Italian!

B: eggs for breakfast
egg sammys

bb:which they will have no problem with
I don't know if anyone will be around for breakfast!

B: maybe a roast chicken

bb: and Youngest doesn't do eggs

or he will get a demerit*

bb: we're lol-ing!

B:not rotf-ling

bb: I don't know why he's never cultivated a taste for eggs

B: but I make a nice fritatta

bb: and he can't do steak

B: hot dogs and mac and cheese
ooooh a brisket

bb: they are only around for breakfast on weekends and they sleep LATE

B: what do they eat on school days?

bb: on school days they grab and run

B: who am i gonna have coffee with?

bb: though Middle doesn't get up early for school this year

B: who am i going to make witty retorts to over waffles?

bb: Middle does coffee

B: do you have a french press?

bb: french coffee press?

B: no.

bb: and an espresso pot

bb: panini press?

B: no. a french clothes press, I am very particular about my clothes.....
now I'm lol-ing

bb:now I'm rotfl

bb: we have every appliance you could ever want

B: waffle iron?

bb: and if it's hot Youngest will make you shaved ice
yep a waffle iron

B: cool

bb: K says that the waffle iron needs to be set between 5 and 6

B: I probably wont make waffles, though I am tomorrow.

bb: we have a washing machine too!

B: I'll just do my own food shopping.

bb: we're watching Magnum Force, ketchup for blood
8:40 PM

B: a man's got to know his limitations.

bb: yep - he JUST said that
and you know how to drive a jeep, right?
a jeep with leather seats, that is

B: I was driving a jeep before you were born.**

bb: heh

B: thats right. that means I drove one before i was born
I am that good
is it stick?

bb: if only is was a standard transmission

B: ah

bb: couldn't get one

B:if you wanted to you could have.

bb:it's a piece of crappe lately
very American

B: its a jeep

bb: yeah
we need a Defender

B:dont get me started.
I need a 1967 series IIa land rover

bb:someone here probably has one - maybe they'd trade with you

B:work on that.

* This refers to the time my Favorite And Only Aunt and Uncle babysat us when we were kids. My FAOUncle instituted a demerit system which, to this day, is respected, revered and rued. ~*

** Uncle B is 8 years younger than me.

~* Will you do me a favor, dear friends? Will you say a little prayer for My Favorite And Only Aunt And Uncle for me?


KPB said…
God I love your family.
That One said…
If your dinner table conversations are anything like this one, I'm moving in.
mizz_b said…
This makes me miss my brother tremendously and look forward to his visit in a couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Two peas in a pod, aren't you?
Jen on the Edge said…
He's a card, that one. It appears to run in the family.
Anonymous said…
Your life revolves around men, I am just noticing.
I like that.
The Coffee Lady said…
I want to go to Uncle B's. I can do witty retorts over coffee.
Amy A. said…
This makes me want to prepare breakfast every morning. But it won't happen during school mornings, that's for sure.

You definitely need to leave a camera for Uncle B.
Your brother B sounds a lot like my brother B.
Although, if I went to Italy and left my kids with their Uncle B, I don't think they would eat as well.

Also, MY aunt and uncle had a demerit system! It was somehow related to Oreo cookies.

You and I live parallel lives.
I will say a little prayer.
Pablo (yo) said…
Great blog!!
If you like, come and visit mine:

Allison said…
Wow I've missed reading you. Texting would be a blast in your family. I'll take an egg sammy, please. Thinking good thoughts over here for FAOA and U.
kt said…
I have a french press....

Consider the prayer said. Wishing all the bb flock well from here.
Anonymous said…
They will have a grand time together.