the last day

K is out with Paola - for salami and cheese.
I have packed our things and am sitting in the sun on the terrace.
It's a gorgeous day and as SOON as he gets back we will buy pannini sandwiches from the little shop across the street and go down to the Fornillo beach.
Off in the distance there is a giant yacht. A motor yacht. My father would appreciate it. He'd love Paola and her family too. I know he'd slip Brizio some Euros to buy a toy - that he'd share stories with Paola's dad, that he'd swap jokes with Fabio.
I'm really only thinking of him just this minute because of that boat. Three levels of decks, it is a mini cruise ship - but privately owned. He'd love it.

We have purchased every imaginable sweet and treat to bring the boys, I'm going to figure out a way to smuggle the salami back home (they have always been purchased and confiscated) and go relax with K.
Tonight? A feast at Paola's. I think I will write down the things we eat so I can tell you about them.
And me? Well, I left Tuvalu with a small two-piece bathing suit and TODAY the bottom half is just a little tight.
I have all winter to worry about that though....

off to the beach!


Anonymous said…
I have waited 2 years to see you back here and now you're leaving already. I feel I didn't have enough time to share with you and I feel AWFUL I can't TALK with you properly as I would.
I want you to promise me you'll be back, for a bit longer.
Who cares about the tight bathing suit. It's so nice to spend time with you.
(Text by Fabio, translation by Paola)
Badger said…
Yeah, wait, you're coming back ALREADY? Dang.

I can't WAIT to see the photos. Don't forget to take one of Paola's lemon tree! Just for me! You know I'd do it for YOU.
eurolush said…
I miss those paninis.

Enjoy your final day in Positano. Sounds as though it's been a fun and fabulous visit with Paola and family.

Here's to good friends, good food and memories to last a lifetime!

Here's to ITALY!
Jen said…
I seem to remember an episode of I Love Lucy where she smuggles some food item aboard a plane by wrapping it in a blanket and calling it her baby. Just an idea.
Anonymous said…
We brought back biltong -- kind of like beef jerky, but made from eland and kudu and ostrich -- from South Africa. The ostrich one made it through customs, but the eland was confiscated because of mad cow disease (eland and kudu are hoofed, therefore susceptible). But the kudu was in my suitcase that Iberia Air sent on a different plane. It did NOT go through customs, so the biltong was came through.

But you may not want to go through the hassle of lost luggage to get the salami home.
Anonymous said…
This vacation has gone by TOO quickly, even for this vicarious tagalong.
Loretta said…
Wow, that sure went by fast! But the memories will last you forever...or at least until you get back again!
Anonymous said…
I <3 Fabio! What a sweetheart.

Can't you stay a little longer? Sad.

alice c said…
It makes my heart warm to read about your days in Positano. I know that it has gone too quickly but when you get home the happiness that you found in Italy will last for months. I promise.
Miz S said…
I'm glad there were no emergencies this time. Fly safely home and tell us more.