finally, Positano

I am sitting at the dining room table.
Outside, somewhere, someone is singing deep tenor Italian, with great gusto. I have no idea what time it is - the computer says 5:01, but certainly that is not the time in Positano.
I have just eaten fish like I have never eaten, braised slowly, filleted perfectly, perfumed gently - and I don't really ever eat fish. For this fish, I would fly around the world.
And I did.
We only got here today and we have had the best coffee, two cornettos (sp?) and chocolate gellato.
We have climbed up and down a thousand steps, we have entertained Brizio and been greatly entertained by him.
We have met Nona and Papa and Gin and Tonic (kittens).
I only slept a little bit on the plane but fell asleep in a ten Euro chair at the beach, listening to the ocean lap gently on the smooth black stones. I never sleep on the beach.
There was a slight urgency in everything we did today - even if we concentrated on relaxing - as though we had to accomplish all of it in 48 hours.

After an incredible meal at Paola's unbelievably beautiful home I found myself asking: did we only just get here today?
It feels like we've been here much longer.

Tomorrow we will breath more deeply and try not to work to relax.
We'll go to the beach again, we'll eat more amazing food and be on vacation.

I have so much to show you and so much to say. But it's 5:10 now and I've got to go to bed.


Mulberry Market said…
BB..sounds amazing cant wait to see the pics and imagine being there with your wonderful descripations...remember to breathe!
KPB said…
Lover Lady said…
Italy is my dream vacation. Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you.
Anonymous said…
How perfectly marvelous!
Anonymous said…
So good to know that you are there safely and fell asleep by the ocean.
Paula said…
Have a wonderful relaxing trip!

And see if you can talk Paola into starting a blog while you're there...
Anonymous said…
Meanwhile Back at chez blackbird, dinner was burgers, home made macaroni and cheese, with apple cobbler for dessert. Middle took pictures for when you're home. all is well.

Eleanor said…
You are so good to keep us posted!!!!!!

P.S. Please give Paola a hug from me.
Irene said…
this makes me so utterly happy.
have a fantastic time bb.
Anonymous said…
I see the nap you took in the Euro 10 chair on the beach did you good.
You were still up @ 23:10 (please note our "military" time)after such a long day and flight over.
It was fantastic to dine with you in our home (FINALLY) and I am SO glad sun is shining again this morning.
Sun should always shine for you.
Anonymous said…
A nap on the beach is just the thing for winding down. Sounds like a wonderful first day with many more to follow.

eurolush said…
Thinking of you.

So happy to know you've made it safely and are already enjoying yourselves.

Paola and family are the best.
I'm so happy that you are there.
I hope you have a fantastic vacation and come home relaxed, with many happy memories.
RW said…
I am thrilled you have arrived and I look forward to your exquisite descriptions. I love how the uncle checks in.
unmitigated me said…
sounds delicious. anxiously awaiting photos!
how wonderful. xo
Anonymous said…
Ahh. Your first day sounds idyllic. The rest are sure to be too.

And don't worry about us! We're doing fine. Even though you're in Italy. And we happen to not be. But really, don't worry. We'll be okay.

jbhat :)
Sinda said…
I'm so glad you're back. I hope you're able to put the anxiety of your last trip behind you and have a wonderful trip. You both deserve it.

alice c said…
Great! You have arrived safely! - now I can relax too - but not in a deckchair by the Mediterranean, sadly.