The Fiat 500

Our friends have a 1967 Fiat 500.
Do you know this car?
Very Italian.
They arrived downstairs, and we climbed and wedged ourselves in - though K had a surprising amount of room. Paola was squished sideways, sort of, and I had my knees close to my chest.
We drove upupup on a tiny twisted road, in the rain, with wipers that work for one swipe only, in the dark. We saw Positano get smaller and smaller below us while we listened to the wee small engine.
It is a wonderful car - I'll show you pictures, I promise.
We arrived near the top of a mountain in a silent town square and sat in a cousin's restaurant and had exquisite seafood.
We laughed and grew closer - we are learning each others jokes in English and Italian.
So many good wines - such food - such people!
Everywhere we go.

Today: Sorrento.

(insert picture here)


RW said…
so descriptive you are.

it is a joy to read your words
Eleanor said…
My parents spent their honeymoon in Switzerland 42 years ago, they rented a (1967) Fiat 850, dark blue. They speak about it fondly to this day!!
Scot said…
I am soooo jealous! even of the rain.
Here in Colorado, the last day of summer meant SNOW! Snow I tell you, SNOW! The weather boy just said more snow on the way. It does look pretty in the flower beds - with the blooms.
Hope you're havig a GREAT time!
Anonymous said…
Yes. That is tiny. But chic!