church for Sunday

I think the best churches might be in Italy.
Of course I've only been to a few churches in Italy - but there you are.

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I think I saw four churches on this trip. Certainly, the one on the top of the hill, by the "upper road" on the way to Ravello was lovely.
In Ravello I visited the church of San Francesco and I lit a candle there, but I have a Ravello post for another day.

Positano has several churches. I tried, on a couple of occasions, to see the church where Paola and Fabio were married (where her parents were married) which is just at the end of her street. And by "street" I don't actually mean STREET because there really is only ONE STREET. I mean it is down 100 steps from Paola's house. ANYWAY, that church is teeny and only open on Sunday for mass and was Standing Room Only and I was wearing a BATHING SUIT (and a tunic of course, but still) and I never got there.

The church of Santa Maria Assunta is in the center of town. You heard the bells from this church Friday.

It was a little tricky coordinating my visit to the "duomo" as I was always in a bathing suit or it was during mass or I didn't have an offering in my pocket. But, finally, on Wednesday, everything worked out.


Past the ironwork gates over the door and inside I slipped.
You know that feeling you get when you enter a place like that...

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I am very fond of St. Ann. She has been good to me.
I lit a candle with her and then walked around to explore.



Then I went to light a candle for My Favorite And Only Aunt.

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I promised her I would take a picture for her and I am praying today, as I was last week, that she is well enough to go to her computer soon so she can see it.


Anonymous said…
I hope the power of the candle reaches her.
Anonymous said…
I didn't mention it but I used to sing up there where the organ is, but before they installed that huge complicated one. I was a young kid. Fond memories.
Hugs for your aunt.
Adriana said…
I miss Positano! The church in the center of town makes me feel good, as if the town revolves around the church.
Thanks for your observations. Somehow, they complete the experience.
Miz S said…
This post makes me a little sorry that I didn't get to church today.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful. A little extra prayer coming, too.

alice c said…
I love this post and it is strange to think that this is the one place in the world that we have both been - even if it was 21 years apart.