viewing habits

Him: anything scifi
Me: anything related to fashion

Him: movies wherein, for reasons unknown to us, breasts will be shown
Me: movies wherein, for reasons unknown to us, I will cry

Him: rockumentaries
Me: mockumentaries

Him: anything scifi
Me: House Hunters International

Him: lots of shooting and guns and the end of the world
Me: "a nice cooking show"

Him: James Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek, Philip K. Dick
Me: Jane Austen, Say Yes To The Dress, Housewives, Anthony Bourdain

Neither of us: pageants, car shows, musicals, cop shows, medical shows
Both of us: Jacques Pepin.


Scot said…
Does that mean neither one of you has seen "Across The Universe"?
Too bad, that's an incredibly imaginative movie with some GREAT music. That's if you like the Beatles, I mean.
Anonymous said…
Him, right now: watching soccer
Me, right now: reading Say La Vee

Badger said…
Your husband and my husband? TV viewing twins.

However, you and I pretty much only overlap on Bourdain. And Pepin.
Jen said…
He and I find anything with Law & Order in the title to be sacred, middle ground.
unmitigated me said…
West Wing, Law & Order (the original), and classic movies. Do baseball and hockey games count?