today I am...

mercilessly stolen from Badger:

... reading the Ken Ken puzzle. DOING the Ken Ken puzzle!

... listening to my iPod. A mix of Moby and Coldplay and Chuck Berry and Creedence.

... watching my fellow commuters. Hoping no one picks their nose or applies make-up.

... drinking
iced decaf.

... making progress
on the events scheduled for October.

... waiting for the humidity to break.

... wondering how Youngest will like Art School today.

... wanting
comfortable shoes. I've been doing a lot of walking and my feet are suffering.


Alice said…
Still amazed by your decaf drinking, how do you do it all?
Amy A. said…
I think I will steal this, too.

I like your music.
Lover Lady said…
I stole this post set-up from Badger, too....great mind and all that, I suppose! :)
unmitigated me said…
It's like a triple play...from Badger to Blackbird to Middle-Aged-Woman. Happy to double-steal from Badger again!
Caterina said…
"A mix of Moby and Coldplay and Chuck Berry and Creedence."

You are an interesting woman :)

And if I may, I'm stealing this too.
Anonymous said…
Try Keen's. T swears by them and she walks to work too.

Anonymous said…
I second the Keens (7 plus miles in a pair at WDW, still wearing them today), but maybe not for fashionista Tuvalu. But your feet are tiny, surely you can find good deals on shoes no one else can wear?

(I have a size 6.5 friend; alas, I'm on the other end of the spectrum! My feet in Keens are clownlike---good thing I'm tall and graceful.)

Perhaps a pair made-to-fit in Italy? Yes, that's it.

Miz S said…
I had a dream about you last night! In my dream you accidentally posted pictures of yourself on your blog.