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Thousands of women showed up in front of my office the other day for an open casting call for background people and extras for the upcoming Sex And The City movie. Thousands of well dressed women (and a sprinkling of men) stood outside in the heat, on the pavement, being wrangled by police and interviewed by news-teams for many hours. This, of course, prompted much joking on the sixth floor as we teased and were teased by co-workers (bb: why aren't you downstairs?! nonplussed co-worker: they want me as a body double! not an extra!)

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Don't you like this little bag?

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My bags are all bigbigbig. This one is refreshingly small. You'll notice I said my BAGS - as in many. Hence: no need for a $300 small bag. Alas.

Though I am bag-crazy, I really love men's shoes. I have moaned over this before as my feet are too small to purchase and wear men's shoes...

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this is a new line from someone - Bass, maybe? Can't remember.

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Nice cropping I've done there, yes?

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I'm aching to go to the beach. With my men's shoes.

May I just say:

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I appreciate the Uniform Project. I wish I could purchase the dress from the Uniform Project. I think the Uniform Project is a great experiment in learning how to wear what we have (and I may well have as many accessories) and use our creative skills to dress each day...But, I fondly remember the Brown Dress project

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and would have purchased that dress as well and appreciate her efforts as well. The internet is a very different place in these intervening years, yes?

Two GREAT places to shop with TERRIBLE websites?


H & M, where my Chicago friends found great stuff for less money, is a terrific source for basics AND the occasional odd item (very Euro looking dresses which may date quickly but are $40). H & M's website is ridiculous and frustrating. And you can't buy anything there. Frustrating.

Second great place to shop with a terrible website:

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Uniqlo. (Where I bought this nifty dress.)
Uniglo (uni-clo) is the Japanese Old Navy. There are only a few stores outside Japan but they have great stuff at the same price point as Old Navy. Thousands of items. Hundreds of colors - very fashion forward without that flashy edge that H & M has (IMO) and a very distinct look. But the website? Awful. And you can't buy anything there. I'm thinking: if Old Navy can manage on-line sales, Uniqlo can too. (For an extra treat, drive yourself crazy on the site and look for the screen savers and clocks on the site - they're fun.)


Isn't this a lovely, subtle thing to have as a manicure? Yep. I lifted this photo and had the link open for days to credit it aaaaaaaaannnnd...lost the info in a crash/restart situation yesterday. I do apologize.


Remember how I researched and shopped and deliberated the whole puffy coat thing last winter? Well, I do believe a trench coat is going to be my issue this fall. While I could just be done with it and order this one from J Crew, the copy fails to mention something sort of important: IS IT WATER REPELLENT? More work ahead of me on this front.


THIS, my dear readers, is THE necklace. It comes in many shapes and forms...


it is on sale now and then -

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and I like them all. Have at it.

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Going. Saturday.
Gosh, I've read countless articles and interviews and seen dozens of pictures. Am very excited.

What else...what else? Oh! I am completely smitten, as a woman of a certain age who works with 20-somethings by this. The very first thing I'm doing? Buying more hair dye.

And (nice segue here) AS a woman of a certain age, who works, I was slightly startled yesterday to hear the way my counter-part in Hollywood threw the jargon around. Jargon I had never heard before. She wanted to lock in a meeting with some of our staff here - and sent me an effusive email thanking me for Making it happen! Am trying to decide if I need to brush up on my Hollywood-speak before her boss comes to see my boss.

Is that everything?
I think that's everything.
I started this post four days ago and finished it this morning, at my desk - so there you are.

As you were.


Mulberry Market said…
Cant wait for Julia! My group of cooking buddies are all going and bringing snacks with a inspiration of french. Have to think of a way to "french" up popcorn. Guess the fake butter goo at the movies is not the answer. Have a great meryl so looking forward to this! PS Wish I was at the beach too with men's shoes(only I want the man attached to them lol)
Anonymous said…
I read an article about not looking old that said youngsters don't use voicemail (!?) and don't wear watches. They use their phones to check the time. I promptly lost my watch and 20 years. So I have that going for me...

Anonymous said…
don't fall into the jargon trap.

jargon is used by people who want you to know, that they know, what they are doing/talking about.

it is a tool of the insecure.

RW said…
I am going to see the flick on Friday and I am very excited.
Jen on the Edge said…
Bb, please tell me, where is the purse from? Is it Coach?
Poppy Buxom said…
The necklaces? Please! Like my breasts need to have more attention called to them.

Of course, they'd probably be fabulous on you.
Pretty Things said…
I love the bag!

And I love those necklaces -- I make ones similar to them -- call them cha-cha necklaces! Loads of fun, tons of time to make.

I adore the manicure, as purple is my favorite color. But my hands are wrecked. Hmm. How about the toes?

And Meryl is the best at every single thing she does.
Anonymous said…
Great post. And yes, sorry, H-wood Counterpart: you are maybe tryng too hard.

sueeeus said…
I know you have trouble finding men's shoes in your size, but have you tried the boy's sections? So often they make boy shoes to mimic the men's styles, and their sizes work for small feet. You might try looking to see what they have out there for the boys of the world... Good luck!
Rae said…
Yes on men's shoes, no on the necklaces. Yes on going to a movie in the THEATER. (It's been a long time)

Yes on H and M, and the beautiful nifty dress.

Travelers here are frequently picked up as Bollywood extras. My sister did it and spend all day for 500 rps (about $10) with inadequate water. She said it was fun, but she wouldn't do it again.
Miz S said…
Funny, because I just went to H&M's site last night and was horrified by how confusing and stupid it was.

HNTAO might be my new favorite blog.
Robbo said…
I don't think you should brush up on your Hollywood-speak. New Yorkers, with their own jargon, are so cool and interesting.
I act old every time I try to send a text message. It takes me forever! I'll need to check out the website, as I'm old enough to be everyone's mother at work.

Mom and her friend and I may see Julie and Julia next week.

I LOVE my blue nailpolish but our company doesn't. I'm stuck with boring pale pink fingers and boring mauve toes. It's so not me.
The Coffee Lady said…
what lovely clothes you have picked out there. And bags.

But I must not crack. I have sworn to buy nothing else black and I must keep my word.