a tale of two catalogs

Hey! Remember when I used to post all kinds of meaningful things? no? well how about when I used to post about my mail? My catalogue mail, you silly....Wasn't that fun? Didn't that used to be fun?!
Well, just the other day, I received two catalogues (yes, I spell it that way) that simply could not be ignored.
I thought you might like to have my thoughts on them.

They are both children's catalogues which, as you can imagine, is kind of an odd thing. I haven't purchased any children's clothing in a long long time - but perhaps these companies are seeking new audiences?
Anyway, the first one was from Tea.
I think that's sort of a funny name for a kid's clothing line, but whatever.
I actually like some of their things -

Picture 4

If I ever dressed little girls, in colors, and florals (I'm a little dizzy) then I might have looked at these frocks.

Picture 3

The copy says: Japanese street style. I'm not so sure but I think some people might believe that.

Picture 5

Of course I'd like this sweater for ME.

Picture 6

And I would like this little girl as well.
Funny thing, I tend to only look at girl clothing when I browse like this.
I guess it's because I've seen plenty of this

Picture 8

not that he, and his tiny tee shirt aren't adorable too.

Picture 9

The prices seem reasonable, the outfits are sweet and they aren't especially commercial looking, which I like, so barring any bad reviews, I'd buy something for someone from Tea.

Ah, you're thinking, there was a second offering in the mail that day, wasn't there?
I received the Wishcraft catalogue as well.
The Wishcraft catalogue is the polar opposite of the Tea catalogue as far as I can tell...

Picture 10

Wishcraft sells costumes - and, by the way, just about all of them are available in adult sizes as well...you know...if you find yourself taken by any of these.

I was fortunate enough to have Middle with me while perusing this one. We know this is,
technically, a flamingo costume, but Middle and I sort of feel it leans more toward Vegas showgirl. In either case, we find it comical. (And we were pleased that it was not revealing.)

Picture 15

This Ghostly Girl outfit is something, isn't it? It's even better with the cape:

Picture 14

Unlike the selections from Tea, I cannot see myself dressing a child in
any of these - though I admire them as it appears to me that they are well done.

I'll bet little girls are drooling over this stuff -

Picture 11

Fur trim!

Picture 12

A little bit over the top, though, yes?

Picture 16

Crossing the line? I think so....

Sadly, the boy's line isn't nearly as impressive:

Picture 17

None of my boys would have gone for this.

Picture 19

Middle deemed this pirate "too chauncey."
And this?

Picture 21

Is the poorest excuse for an Indiana Jones costume I have EVER seen.

Halloween is always a good time to humiliate infants.

Picture 18

Most babies look a bit like Yoda to begin with, IMO.

And - if you're dressing the infant, you may as well bring the dog.

Picture 20

(I'm wondering what's in her basket.)

So, there you are.
My mail from Tuesday.

You're welcome.


Jen said…
Aw...Olive had a Tea outfit as a toddler. It was so classy and simple: brown pants, a brown a-line smock, and an aqua long sleeve tee to wear underneath. I was sad when she outgrew it.
Jen on the Edge said…
I got the Tea catalog too and was disappointed that my girls are both too big for their clothes. Ellie would have been all over those Japanese tunics.
expateek said…
I was with ya, until the Indiana Jones outfit. Can you say "UPS man"?
I've spent too much of the past 9 days with some fairly stodgy people. This was thoroughly enjoyable.

We just voted that a friend should dress her baby as Yoda for Halloween, as Infant Pumpkins are too overdone.

And the Dorothy Dog just made me laugh out lous.
Miz S said…
Oh. My. Those costumes are utterly appalling.
Anonymous said…
The fur trim costume? My SIL bought one like that (think Florentine dame) for her daughter for CARNEVALE and I refuse to say how much it costs.
Badger said…
IF ONLY it were nearly October. IF. ONLY.
Anonymous said…
"Too chauncey." Indeed.
Ah to have a little girl to dress in flowered cottony things. *sigh*
Vodka Mom said…
I have a dress up box in my kindergarten classroom, that the kids ADORE.

There are days when i want to say "What the Hell" and join them in the land of princesses and dancing fairies.
Anonymous said…
I certainly hope that poor dog is not male!
Kristin said…
I received those same two catalogs in the mail as well. I do love the Tea collection and as for the Wishcraft catalog it's...well, strange.

I will not be dressing Sweet Pea as Yoda for her first Halloween.
KPB said…
OK, so a whole catalogue dedicated to costumes? That is just way too weird for me. I guess it's just one of those differences between countries of eleventy gagillion people and 21 million. That and coed hospital wards.

And none of those costumes were cute, all were just plain creepy.

Chauncery. I like it.
Anonymous said…
I have to say that I am glad I'm not on those mailing lists. But thanks for the fun commentary.

Ree said…
*I* want that first boy's costume. I have no idea why, but somehow, I'm fascinated by it.
Pretty Things said…
I got that costume catalog in the mail, too, and was taken a bit aback -- I would have gone nuts over it as a child. But the prices made me gasp a little.

Thankfully, I have a boy and all he wanted me to do one year was make construction paper wings for his arms so he could be an airplane. :-)
molly said…
Japanese street style made me snort and I almost spit my coffee on the computer!