September 17th


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(I do believe that's a backdrop.)

I will be on my way to Positano on September 17th. Uncle B will be with my mom and the boys, here in Tuvalu.
Do you suppose he'd guest post for us?


Anonymous said…
Each time I read my town inyour post I smile and I am happy.
You'll be back. SOON.
Sorry if I don't give a "dry fig" about Survivor.
robiewankenobie said…
i can't wait for your positano recaps! and i do think your brother should guest post, because if any photo showed a season rife with potential. that. is. it.
Unknown said…
Just the other day I was thinking that there was some show that I usually watch and could not for the life of me think of what it could be...

And here you are!

B could totally guest post...but I think your mom should do it.
KPB said…
That photo.

If I had better (read: any) photoshopping skills I'd be playing away.

But let's just say. That pasty balding white dude smack in the middle? Between the naughty minx chick and the these boobs cost me a fortune so goddamn it they're gonna work for me princess, who incidentally is standing next to dreadlock dude who is sucking his gut in so hard it must hurt to.the.core. - will be the first to go. Either that or he'll win.

What I love most is that ramboesque creature third from the right - oh honey is she going to be pissing people off from the minute they all meet at the airport.

Leopard print Gidget looks like she has an unfortunate growth coming out of her stomach and I kinda feel bad for whoever got cut off in the pic before the series even got started.

I'm stopping now.

Did you notice how I avoided the whole Positano thing? Mainly because I don't want any part in possible jinxing issues.

That and pure jealousy.
Amy A. said…
Please do, Uncle B!
Anonymous said…
Are you gone, our Dear Blackbird ?

sue from a kitchen far far away
Unknown said…
Why is the cast so huge? Is it going to last longer to vote all those people out?

And the woman second from the left in the back row? Mom bathing suit lady? Vote her out first for bad fashion sense. I'm guessing blond bimbo and guy in front in red suit are going to be the most annoying.
Anonymous said…
Brother B wont be guest posting. But I may help mom guest post.
Anonymous said…
It would be great fun to read a collaborative guest post. I hope they'll do it.