notes from sunday night, on Tuesday (yes, I know)

I have to say: I love mimi smartypants. I've always read her - I have, and she is brilliant.

I'm sitting here eating my very favorite new thing which is: roasted and salted almonds with dried apricots and there is just NO snack like it and it is salty and sweet and perfect and DO NOT even tell me how many calories are in it because ICANNOTHEARYOU.

We drove many long hours today, to attend the rib cooking festival thing that our friend S participates in and we are tired and dirty and it was well over 90 degrees out there. Oldest had a raging sore throat and begged off but the other two came along and it was only a little fun and mostly thankless and hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks.

I finally tried that Fage yogurt stuff. I bought the cherry version and, I'll admit, I was a little slow about the whole fruit-delivery system. I could not understand HOW you get the cherry stuff into the yogurt stuff. I'm an ass. Also? I'm pronouncing it FAGE, as in: rhymes with PAGE. Okay? Okay.

(Also, the apricots CANNOT be organic as THOSE don't taste as good and are a funny color.)

Isn't the internet a nice place? A certain reader, from Mulberry Market, sent me a very nice gift and I am touched by how kind people ARE. Of course, for reasons unknown to me, I had assumed that Mulberry Market was a purveyor of produce. Once again? I'm an ass.

Over the weekend K and I watched The Man Who Came To Dinner. Aside from the fact that it was a rather predictable 1940's comedy that was obviously a stage play first, it was funny and fun. I had something else interesting to say about it but I have been distracted and forgot what it was. An ass again!

SOME of us have been walking around imitating Meryl imitating Julia: What should I dooooo? In time, I hope to hone it to perfection and add it to my repertoire. I do an EXCELLENT I had a faahrrrrm once, in Africa.

It's been well over 90 degrees here in Tuvalu, which while it is to be expected, is not a lot of fun for me. I like cold weather AND I'm getting bored with my summer duds. I'm starting to crave boots and sweaters. But FIRST I have to go to Italy with my husband. And what does my husband say I need to bring to Italy? A bathing suit, a black dress and a pair of shoes. Can I limit myself? We'll see....


Mary said…
I am going to try that snack - although I am meant to be watching my 20kg too heavy weight...

I cannot


for your

Italy posts - cause I do remember the trip that wasn't a couple of years ago..
unmitigated me said…
I am the queen of "A dingo ate my baby!" myself.
Anonymous said…
We were discussing the whole wonderful thing that is internet just last night over dinner. Amazing indeed.
As usual, I am with K 100%. I would only add a sarong, you know, to avoid walking in the street in your costume (gasp!)
RW said…
1. good heavens - the trip is coming up so quickly and I too, remember it and look forward to italy, redux blackbird style

2. I am also walking around saying "what should I dooooo? my daughter likes the phrase "pretty good, not great"

3. I am also ready for fall clothing - this week all the fall fashion magazines should hit the newstand - it is the one time I buy them.
Badger said…
I am playing a tiny little violin for your "well over 90 degrees". Unfortunately, the violin is on fire because it's been slightly over ONE HUNDRED DEGREES here for the past THREE MONTHS.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe K would suggest only one pair of shoes. Doesn't he know?

Lover Lady said…
Italy? I am TOTES jealous. Take a cooking class for me.
Scot said…
All you estrogen units have no monoply on quoting Julia. We've been walking around the shop for weeks saying NEVER APOLOGIZE..., AND I haven't even seen the movie yet!
It snowed on Pikes Peak today!!!

Badger - I just wanted you to know that after spending many, many, MANY years in texas, el paso and dallas to be exact, I've always said that if I owned texas and hell - I'd live in hell and rent out texas!
Unknown said…
Oh, I'm so excited for you to return to Positano!! For what I hope will be an blissfilly relaxing stay with no health emergency interruptions. Can't wait to see some pics!
Caterina said…

'Nuff said :)
Ree said…
Y'know, if it is a hassle for you to go to Italy, I'm willing to go in your stead.

I bought a black skirt yesterday - will that do?

Anonymous said…
I always enjoy a good ass day with humour. When I'm a total ass, it's usually not funny.

Jess said…
At the foot of the Ngong gong hills?

(I know I slaughtered that quote. But I can STILL hear her voice saying it.)

Still gives me shivers.
Mulberry Market said…
dont feel bad about being an ass
BB. It's my feeling of choice most days. And everyone thinks we are a food market...maybe we should be.
alice c said…
A long time ago you said that you never went anywhere without your bra - have times changed?