not three, but a list of beautiful things

  • I like bullet points.
  • We watched rain move up the street the other day, K and me, whilst standing in a doorway near my office. Dry on one end of the street and soaking wet, pouring with rain at the other.
  • Watermelon.
  • In a pinch: Snapple Earl Grey.
  • Gently washing all my favorite garments.
  • Grape tomatoes dipped in special salt.
  • Treasures brought by Oldest from the beach.
  • Rain in the morning.
  • On a Sunday.
  • Iced decaf, at work, with simple syrup.
  • Conversing with my children as adults.
  • Watching Say Yes To The Dress.
  • Remembering to leave the cheese out.


Anonymous said…
Leave the cheese out of what?
That Wedding Dress show makes me want to encourage my daughter to elope in an old prom dress.

$14,000 for a wedding gown? I choked on my tuna salad sandwich.

The rest of your list is beautiful
Badger said…
I like bullet points, too. These are particularly fine ones, in fact.
blackbird said…
Leave the cheese out on the cold cheese at my house.
Mary said…
I'm with you bb - it dements me if I forget to take the cheese out ...

And watermelon is good - particularly if someone else has sliced it for me.
Anonymous said…
I like rain in the morning an awful lot, too.
Anonymous said…
It must be amazing to converse with your child(ren) as adults.
Anonymous said…
I am awfully fond of conversing with my children as adults, too. Amazing how they grew up!
Anonymous said…
Mm, I'll take some of that rain.

Eleanor said…
My mom always took the pips out of my watermelon, even when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I thought everybody's mom did that. Until I was 16 (!!) and eating watermelon (in school, out of my tupperware lunch box!!) and my friends noticed that the watermelon had not one pip. I said quite nonchalantly "Mom takes them out for me."

My friends tease me about it TO THIS DAY.

Thought you'd like that.
alice c said…
I have just had to listen to a long explanation about how someone got acute diverticulisis from eating watermelon - so I think I will pass on that one.
Miz S said…
I like most of these things too. 'Specially the one about conversing with grown-up kids. Motherhood is better than ever.