my day off, in bullets

  • Drove Middle to the station (can you hear that song Old Times in your head?).
  • Threw in a load of laundry.
  • Scoured the cooktop. (this took a very long time)
  • Emptied the door of the refrigerator and waited for the repairmen.
  • Fielded 250 anxiety ridden phone calls from Oldest who was doing courier work for a guy he works for when the muffler fell off his jalopy.
  • Made Bourbon Peaches.
  • Made Angel Food Cake to put under peaches.
  • Scoured Youngest's room.
  • Moved laundry.
  • Fetched Oldest from the mechanic's shop.
  • Folded laundry.
  • Vacuumed 1st floor.
  • Made Bacon, Peas and Ricotta with pasta for dinner.
  • Had birthday dinner with the boys.
  • Cleaned up after the birthday dinner with the boys.
  • Collapsed in bed.
Some days it's easier to work in an office.


RW said…
hope you slept well!
Anonymous said…
Beofre I got to the end of the post I meant to say, GO BACK TO WORK.
unmitigated me said…
Dinner sounds yummy! Is the recipe available?
Joan said…
Yes, yes, Blackbird - recipes, please - for both the pasta and the bourbon peaches, if you'd be so kind. KY girls can always use an extra bourbon recipe!
Anonymous said…
Yes, need recipes - sounds yummy!
MsCellania said…
My sympathies to Oldest on his ride. I suffered a similar fate for years - occasionally in a vehicle whose smoke would arrive before we did.
What am I saying?! We STILL have a jalopy - a car living on borrowed timing belt time, complete with electrical problems, the rythmic pinging of lifter troubles, disappearing door gaskets and rusted-through running boards. It was formerly the Airport SUV, but now it's too unreliable even for that. It might make it to the boys' school during really deep snowstorms as the 4-wheel drive is working fine...
The dinner sounds tummy.
MsCellania said…
Ah, make that 'yummy'
Anonymous said…
I had a birthday dinner tonight, too. And now, I'm off to collapse.

skipska said…
Me too! - yesterday that is. Birthday dinners are lovely, even though very tiring!
Ree said…
I can haz bourbon peaches?