I've got three posts sitting, half written, in drafts

I need to tell you about the open call for extras for the Sex And The City Movie, I have a post about shoes and stuff AND I just hung up with my counterpart in Hollywood, which was an interesting conversation.

I still can't wait to see Julie and Julia, I'm still plugging away here at my desk AND my house is a shambles.

So I'm a little late with the whole Wedding video phenom!

Talk to you later.



Pretty Things said…
I had to write a pieced-together blog article today because I can't get my act together -- my mind just wanders! I'm hoping your wedding video is the really cool one I saw on YouTube... or maybe it's something even cooler!

Hope all is well -- oh and did you say something about shoes?
Karen Dietrich said…
Sex and the City Movie and shoes!?! Can't wait for those posts! For now, try to have fun in the shambles :)
Eleanor said…
Your counterpart in Hollywood????
Mary said…
What Eleanor said!
staying tuned...
Anonymous said…
So, did you sign up for extra in SATC? I can SEE you in that movie.

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