it's official

  • Twitter overwhelms me. I've got the # and the @ down, but the retweet and the FF? No.
  • I'm a little tired of my summer clothes.
  • When unable to think through a post, looks like I resort to bullets.
  • I work better with a deadline.
  • I've got a BeautyHacks deadline looming. (click there on Monday!)
  • Went to the ER today, to have them look at my finger. I may have chipped my knuckle, they said - and now I'm all splinted up.
  • They got my wedding ring off too.
  • First time in nearly 27 years.
  • Now? My finger REALLY hurts.


Jen on the Edge said…
I had to give up on Twitter because it just took up too much time.

I've been looking through fall catalogs and dreaming of chilly days and warm sweaters.
Anonymous said…
your lucky they didn't cut the wedding ring off. When I was a medic we carried ring cutters.

Anonymous said…
No wonder you can only post in bullets. I imagine it is difficult to type with a chipped knuckle. Hope it heals quickly.
KPB said…
If I've told you once I've told you one hundred times, stop.punching.walls.
When I went to the ER with the cut finger from the "applesauce jar incident", the worst part was when the doctor pulled off my wedding ring.
After 29 years, my hand felt so naked.
Mary said…
That must feel weird - no ring, really sore finger.

No Twitter or Facebook for me - I agree with Jen - takes up way too much time..
Anonymous said…
You are in that ER too often...
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I still don't know what happened to your finger in the first place.

I am a LOT tired of my summer clothes. Especially since they are maternity and I wear the same things week in and week out. Ready to be DONE!


My word verification is "phrob"--is your finger "phrobbing?"