It's hot, I stole this from Olive's mom

My five favorite beverages:

unsweetened brewed iced tea

iced decaf coffee

white wine of most varieties

gin and tonic (haven't had many of these this summer)

room temperature Ito En Teas Tea

My five least favorite beverages:

Dr. Pepper



bottled, sweetened iced tea

lite beer

Beverages I can take or leave:





herbal tea

Beverages I miss:

grape Kool-Aid

vanilla malteds

frozen strawberry daiquiris


chocolate milk

What I shun:


Noticeably absent from this list:

mixed cocktails

Beverage preferences that baffle me:

bubble tea

anything skim

lite beer

artificially sweetened sodas

energy drinks

Recent beverage disappointment:

I can't hold my BlogHerTinis.

It's Oldest's birthday, drink a toast to him!


Frankie said…
OMG! I love Molson. I just had a Molson Ice yesterday.
Badger said…
Happy happy birthday to Oldest! What does HE like to drink? I will hoist one in his general direction, as long as it isn't something gross.
just wanted to pop in here and say again how wonderful and gorgeous you are and what a treat it was to meet you in real life. xo
Pretty Things said…
I don't get Bubble Tea, either. And I tried Red Bull once and promptly spat it out. It tasted (to me!) like fizzy penicillin, that nasty pink liquid stuff we had to take as kids. Blech.
Happy Birthday Oldest!
Anonymous said…
ANy reason is a good reason to have a drink these days BUT for Oldest's b'day I'll toast with more than one!

PS and he shares his day with my late beloved granny
Anonymous said…
It's my nephew's birthday today too. Good guys are born on this day apparently.

I'm totally with you on not enjoying presweetened bottled tea beverages. Except the Fuse Green Tea drink is pretty tasty. My favorite is to put out Paradise tea bags to brew in my sun tea container.

Emily said…
Happy Birthday to Oldest!

Somehow it always wounds me to my core when people don't like Dr. Pepper. I don't know why. Because I love it so much? That seems messed up.
dan renzi said…
Bubble teas are the best! But energy drinks are murderous. I once saw a man drinking a Monster while watching a movie. Why the need for so much energy while sitting still in the dark for 2 hours? That's a caffeine addict, yes it is.

Interesting that your favorite beverages are mostly of the bitter variety. What does that say?...
alice c said…
Wishing you a great year, Oldest: new friends, cold beer (or whatever...) and good times.

MissM introduced me to Peach flavoured iced tea and I am totally addicted. There are worse vices I suppose.
Miz S said…
Happy birthday to Oldest! He is, what, 23? 24?
Ree said…
Happy Birthday Oldest! I raise my glass of cheap merlot.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Oldest!

I can't deprive myself of chocolate milk. That would just be wrong.

Anonymous said…
Many happy returns! I feel cheap toasting him with ice water, but that's all I've got right now.
Anonymous said…
Bubble teas are delicious! Sometimes I cheat and just get the milk tea without the bubbles. Not always in the mood to chew tapioca for an hour.
The Coffee Lady said…
So many drinks! What are even half of them.?