I'm here!

There's a pile of laundry at the foot of my bed. There's another in the dryer - I'm shooting for clean pants for Middle to wear to work. It's Friday and I'm going to have my finger looked at and then take Youngest to a doctor's appointment. (My finger is better but doesn't bend properly and I cannot get my rings on. I know if I don't go to the doctor, because it is better, that it will turn out to be some kind of very complicated fracture and never be the same. Alternatively, I know if I do go to the doctor I will merely pay the co-pay and he will tell me that it's doing fine and will take more time to heal completely. I know this.)

It feels a little like Fall outside, this morning. There are fewer crickets and it is much cooler. We are expecting a storm.
Yesterday, with friends, on our way to get lunch, we noticed that people are starting to wear their September clothes. We saw a woman in a blazer crossing the street and today K put on a dark shirt which only confirmed my Fall-is-on-the-horizon feelings.

Tonight K and I have to be at a bar in town at midnight. I don't know how I'm going to do it! If I am ever awake at midnight I am certainly reclining. Our friend W is playing there with his band. A farewell performance as our friend W has met the love of his life and she lives in Paris. He's been going back and forth for nearly a year now (exchanging saucisson for rides to the airport from us) and they are going to live together there. Part of my reluctance about tonight is the trip into town and the driving and the hour - but really it's probably got more to do with the fact that I will miss our friend W terribly and don't want him to live in France...though we are tremendously happy for him.

Besides, at the stroke of midnight K and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. 27 years.
If I write more than that I will surely cry.
I cannot believe my good fortune.


Anonymous said…
Tonight ... what a night!

No signs of fall on the horizon here, none whatsoever. Constant sun and 90°F+ each day. Last rain aprox 3 months ago.
RW said…
congratulations on the anniversary - 27 is many years.

Too bad you don't drink coffee - that would help me with staying up late.

Fall is definitely in the air here.
Happy Anniversary!!!

Have you ever been to Paris? Now you'll have someone there to visit.
Poppy Buxom said…
Happy anniversary!

You and K give yourselves a big fat hug from me and Mr. Buxom.
robiewankenobie said…
wowza. that's a long list. at the very least, i hope middle gets pants, and that your finger has a simple fix.

congratulations to you and the mister. it is lovely having someone that you adore after years of being together. i'm still passionately in love with my husband, and it takes my breath away. here's to another 27! huzzah!
Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy #27!!!

I am ready for Fall and Fall clothes and Fall accessories and Fall foods and definitely Fall weather.
The Coffee Lady said…
Autumn? That's the least of my worries. I went somewhere today which is planning a visit from Santa NEXT WEEK
eurolush said…
Happy Anniversary, bb & K.

All the best to you both!

Anonymous said…
That's right--we share a wedding anniversary. Happy 27 to you, Happy 11 to us (but we've been together for 16 years). I hope you have a lovely time celebrating with K...and hope it involves sleeping in after your exciting and emotional night on the town.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about going to the doctor or not. Every time!

xo X 27
Fannie said…
Well congrats and Happy Anniversary!
Emily said…
Happy Anniversary to you both. :)
Stephanie said…
Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds!
Ali said…
Yup, seems to be Autumn.

Happiest of Anniversaries.
skipska said…
Going out at midnight are what disco naps are for!
alice c said…
Your happiness is inspirational - I wish you both many, many more years together.
Badger said…
Happy Anniversary!!

I put out the apple-cinnamon scented hand soap in the kitchen yesterday. And today the temperature stayed in the 90s instead of creeping up above 100 for the 68th day this year. AND I MADE THAT HAPPEN. With the soap. Clearly.
Ree said…
oh my lovely friend, happy anniversary.
jo said…
As always a very happy anniversary to you both! Just think, you will now have a place to stay in France as well as Italy!
StLmom said…
Aw, happy anniversary to you, BB and to K.
Crazy Mom! said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! Mine was very recent, I'm just a few years behind you and still happy. What a good thing!
Mary said…
Dear bird across the sea - the happiest of wedding anniversaries to you and K

with love

Jen said…
Happy anniversary! And...go to the doctor. Pinkies are important, and worth the copay.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary, bb & k!
Hope you have a grand evening togethert.

Laura Jane said…
Congratualtions on your anniversary.

What lovely role models you will be for W and his new love. I bet you wish them at least 27 years of happiness

Best of luck with the finger
Eleanor said…
Happy anniversary!!!

(Relieved to hear you will see the doctor again re: the finger. You'll need to wear your wedding ring for many many years to come!!)
Miz S said…
It's feeling fall-ish here, too. In the morning especially. Congratulations on another anniversary, dear blackbird. K is a lucky man.
Paula said…
Happiest wishes to you both!
Eliane said…
Which reminds me. I still have a machine load of laundry to hang (we don't do dryers). Congratulations! And I heard a weird budgetting tip and had to think of you (sorry): if you always squeeze your toilet paper rolls so they don't really roll smoothly anymore, you will save a lot on toilet paper :-)
Anonymous said…
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