I want something I want*

I get about a dozen emails a day from people who want to sell me things - or offer me things to blog about. Most of them are directed to mommybloggers, a group I was never really part of as I started blogging when my youngest child was ten and I never wrote about toilet training him. But I digress. Some of the emails are from my friends at Anthropologie and J Crew and Old Navy. Most of the time I delete them before I even look at them but yesterday I actually looked at the one from J Crew.

Picture 11

I don't know Jenna but I have to say: I think I like her "picks."

I like the blouse up in the top corner very much. And though I told K that I'd like to see it off the model ("I'd like to see it off the model too," he replied dryly.) I think I need to see it ON ME.
Picture 8

Picture 15

Anyway, I like it.
Ditto this jacket -

Picture 13

- which actually looks worse on the model.

Picture 14

But it could be the formal shorts that are throwing me.

I like these very very much.

Picture 12

Just a tiny bit of ruffle. Black or gray?! Lovely.

Picture 9

OOH! Oh. Love.
I think that's twill tape. I have a weakness and a great fondness for twill tape.


Maybe there will be a sale?
Maybe I should unsubscribe?


*When Oldest was tiny he would say this when he was hungry.


Anonymous said…
I *want* those pink shoes, gray gloves, and that last necklace you posted. I love J.Crew madly, but their price points are absolutely ridiculous. I got an adorable blush cardigan in a perfect light cotton on sale for $30, though. I will keep stalking their sale section.
unmitigated me said…
"Something pretty." You didn't footnote the asterisk in the title, so I will assume it's a quote from Love Actually. Mia?
eurolush said…
I want something you want*



*Who is feeling tiny.
Jen on the Edge said…
So many pretty things.

Loretta said…
Love all your picks and agree that the top is so very, very blackbird.

May have to buy those gloves. If I was buying anything and I'm not. Ever again.
KPB said…
Now that top is just how I imagine you - and see those anklet boots? so much better than those polio orthotics you showed us the other day.

The gloves look a little old lady but I must say, I'm in a clime where gloves are not that common so I could just have missed that whole boat. But def. in black rather than that gray that belongs in the whole colour wheel spectrum of menopausal purple.

That necklace - are they baubles or bells because dude, I'm going to start calling you reindeer if they so much as give the slightest hint of a jingle.

But I hear you on the whole twill tape thing.

I'm digging that pencil skirt too - and the heels. I'd look hot in those two items. If I was 20kgs lighter.

K and AB? Separated at birth.
I'm thinking that somebody with a crafty streak could whip up a necklace like that for not too much money.
I'll let you know if I can reproduce the thing.
The Coffee Lady said…
This is why I do not understand fashion. I read Jenna's copy and thought 'what on earth are you on about'
Duyvken said…
I don't know why I subscribe to the JCrew catalogue. It's not available here but I do love looking at their goodies. And I don't even bother looking at the price tag.

Now, I love the way those formal shorts look.

I don't know if I'd love them on my thighs but I think, this summer, I might just find out.

And I think you should try to make that twill/pearl necklace. But only if you promise to blog about it, K?