how we changed our worlds today

bb: has convinced approximately 30% of the staff in her office to stop blowing dry their hair and persuaded another 40% of the employees to use Arnica on a regular basis.

Oldest: recycled roughly 200 soda cans from the beach. (He works for a man who has a house on the beach.)

K: got the internet "people" to ask him to do a project - thereby adding 2% to his job security.

Youngest: is wrapping up his tenure at the Summer Art Program at the Exclusive Art School and the teacher is using his photo as the main photo for the End Of The Program exhibit.

And Middle? Well, Middle successfully carried dry ice across town, on the subway.


ree said…
Impressive feats, all.

but I have to ask. why the dry ice across town on the subway?
Astonishing efforts one and all.
Anonymous said…
You are. And more entertaining, too.

Anonymous said…
What to say?
I heart you all.
You ARE like the X Men. Wow.
Going to google Arnica now because I don't know if what you've done is a good thing.
Loretta said…
So proud of you all ...even as I imagine an office of frizzy-haired workers...

pouring rain...oldest suicidal as she flies back Sat. House full of cousins. And a big ping pong table in the basement.

Let the games begin!
kmkat said…
The world is a better place today because of what all of you did. Except maybe Middle and the dry ice...
RW said…
for the longest time we did not even own a hair dryer.

we still rarely use it.

how does one transport dry ice?
Anonymous said…
Let's see that photo! So happy for your guys and for you. (And for the record, I never blow dry my hair, and am happy to also help save the world in that manner...but it's mostly to allow me to stay in bed longer.)
Magpie said…
i've never owned a hair dryer.

but i love the photo and the trailing fog.
Fannie said…
Huh? Guess I'm off to google "Arnica".
Jen said…
Forgive my ignorance--what's wrong with using a blow dryer? Is it the energy it uses?

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