and you can actually gain weight watching it

Oh, people.
I'm sure lots of bloggers will have their Julie/Julia stories. I have mine too.
I read Julie Powell's blog live, while she was blogging the Project, while she was hunting down ingredients and moving apartments and struggling in her day job. I didn't have a blog back then and, I'll admit, I was completely hooked. I may have left comments but I think I was a lurker. A gob-smacked, smitten lurker. I remember so many posts so vividly - including that one, toward the end of it all, when Julie visited the Smithsonian.

Yesterday, my mom took me and my mother-in-law to see the movie and to dinner.
I so loved it.
It's funny and poignant and just wonderful and while many critics said the story was unbalanced, that we'd wish for more of Julia and less of Julie, I thought it was just fine.

Bon Appetit!


Jen on the Edge said…
I'm glad to hear that the movie was good. I'm always worried when good books are made into movies, as most of the time, the movies never live up to their literary forebears.
Lover Lady said…
I am going later today and cannot WAIT! I read the book when it came out, then recently read My Life in France as a complement to it and to learn more about Julia Child before I saw the movie. Bon appetit, indeed!
jordi said…
I was a lurker on her blog then too, and I remember so much of her funny and not funny experiences. I really learned a lot about blogging from how she kept that one going. I have read both the books, so I guess there is a movie in my future!
Anonymous said…
Who knows how long I shall have to wait...Was eager to know about your response and sure you'd blog about it too.
Saoirse said…
I went last night, too--with my sister and her family and we ALL loved it! Of course, now, as soon as the weather gets chilly (before we know it but 92 degrees forecast tomorrow), I am going to HAVE to make beef burgoin!!
RW said…
really you followed her blog live - wow?

I am glad you were not disappointed.
Mary said…
I'm going to be like Bunny and do some reading before I go - Julia Child does not have the same iconic status here in Australia but this has really grabbed me..
Keetha said…
I can't wait to see it. I read the blog way back and ate it up. So to speak.
Glad to see your good review. I'm actually hoping I like the movie more than the book.
Anonymous said…
That's so cool that you read Julie's blog when it was live.

I'm glad you were delighted by the movie. I hate to say it, but I don't think I have loved Ms. Streep in anything since Out of Africa. Is there something wrong with me? Wait, don't answer that.

Fannie said…
I read the book, LOVED it and plan to see the movie this week. You can count me among those who cried when they heard the news that Julia has passed.
Anonymous said…
(sings) I'm going Thursday! With my book club! We read the book! We'll eat dessert! I can't wait!