about the finger and other things

So many of you have written to ask about my tragic finger injury that I feel compelled to report on the tragic finger injury.
I first incurred the "finger injury" sometime after I returned from Cape, which would be around July 11th or so.
You see, there is this problem with my bedroom door and my closet door. The doorknobs are at exactly the same height and, when both doors are open, knock against each other. This occurs roughly 25 times a week for various reasons. The problem lies when one of the occupants of the house has her HAND on the doorknob of one of the doors and the other door swings open (the bedroom door can swing open fairly easily) thereby crushing fingers or hand. Which happened.
My left ring finger got a good hard whack on the knuckle.
I iced it and took Advil and put Arnica on it for a few days but I never had it looked at by a professional and I never took my rings off - these two things may have been a mistake. The doctor told me that the rings "impeded the flow of blood to the injury" and, true enough, my finger did swell and bruise all over again after they were removed.
Anyway, fast forward and I'm splinted up and am supposed to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.
Also today: I decided to change things up and wear an old pair of eyeglasses to work. I wore them for a little while at home and could see well enough so off I went! Shortly after arriving, I noticed that my depth perception was different but went about my business. Sadly, a few hours later, I realized that switching the glasses was not a good idea.
So, there I was - forced into two finger typing and blind!
I wrangled a friend into picking up my lunch when she went out for hers (I had the same sandwich) and asked K if he'd walk me to the train at the end of the day.
After lunch, I returned to my desk to find that someone had changed my monitor settings and I could, once again, SEE. Who? I don't know.

This morning I had the pleasure of having my morning decaf with Youngest, at my favorite cafe downstairs. Did you know that Youngest sees EVERYTHING, just as I do?
He saw the young couple having a quiet argument on the step of the cafe. He saw her tears.
He saw that the cafe owner recognized that he was my son and asked interested questions about why he was with me.
We sat and watched people go by...why do we have fingerprints? he wanted to discuss... look, a guy on rollerblades... a license plate that reads PIGLET... a fabulous hat across the street, a dress in a peacock feather print to be debated...
We had a lovely time.
Then we ran an errand and I left him as he headed for school.

My last bit of info is that I have a telephone stalker. She calls two or three times a day, has somehow gotten access to my direct extension, and she hangs up on my voicemail. I know exactly who she is as she appeared one day at the office. I was as polite as possible and sent her away but I suppose I need to have another conversation with her.

Such is the state of things: my finger, my eyes, my voicemail.


Mary said…
Not happy about stalker.

Not happy about finger.

Very happy about time spent with Youngest.
Anonymous said…
You may be pleased to learn that ortho surgeons -- male ones, at least -- have the reputation of being hot. My own experience from the broken ankle last fall does not contradict this urban legend, although I would class my doc as more of a cutie than a hottie. Still easy on the eyes, though, and a pleasure to chat with. So go make your appointment forthwith and report back. Inquiring minds want to know...
Anonymous said…
You and Youngest hit the town, nice.
Another stalker! Gee, I wonder how sad these people lives must be when they have access to EVERYTHING and still have this sort of problem. I mean, GET A LIFE. You're in friggin TUVALU.
Anonymous said…
Stalkers should be sent on their way smartly - do be careful.

Isn't it lovely when someone views the world as you do. Makes you feel a little more normal than before...
Miz S said…
Do you watch Nurse Jackie? Because in the most recent episode she broke her own ring finger with a hammer.

The mental picture of you and Youngest at the cafe gives me something to smile about.
Anonymous said…
Yikes. Sorry about your finger, and thanks for finally spilling the beans. Ouchie.

Is she your stalker because of Say La Vee or because you are just stalk-worthy in general? Creepy, regardless. Anyway, maybe they can change your extension.

Good luck with that. And wow, it sounds like you should have coffee with Youngest more often.

Donna said…
In my family it's me and my dad who see EVERYTHING. More people should be paying attention, it's fascinating out there.
Paula said…
Well, if that doesn't run the gamut.

And yes, be careful of your stalker. Bad memories there.