This Week In Tuvalu

  1. At K's job he is very busy making animated 3-D pills.
  2. At my job we are celebrating the retirement of an employee who has been here 42 years.
  3. At Middle's job he is crashing a Ferrari.
  4. Oldest attended a Rancid concert. And won two small lottery prizes.
  5. Youngest has his last week with PS3 "camp," he starts art school on Monday.
  6. I've re-injured my finger. I was running and fell into a file cabinet. Don't ask.
  7. We've had tremendous thunderstorms.
  8. I've ceased Twittering.
  9. It was very strange, having spent days and nights with women I am so familiar with, to return to an office setting wherein it may not be appropriate to smack someone in the arm and scream GET OUTTA HERE.
  10. I sort of have a craving for a BlogHertini.


Caterina said…
Hahahaha...#9 made me really laugh :D

I've ceased Twittering over and over. Kinda like me quitting smoking ;)

Not that they don't all sound exciting, but K's job sounds like SO COOL.
Anonymous said…
All that arm-smacking could re-injure your finger.
unmitigated me said…
The arm smacking was almost as fun as Poppy's top-volume cussing!
Anonymous said…
#6 made me think of the scene in Broadcast News when Joan Cusack almost gets whacked by an open filing cabinet drawer when she was running through the office trying to get the tape in on time.

#7 makes me want to trade weather with you. It's been over 100 degrees here, and at 36.5 weeks pregnant, let me tell you that it makes ME want a #10 too.

Anonymous said…
3-D pills? You need to expand on that a bit. I hope Middle's Ferrari crash is virtual.
Anonymous said…
You're all so active over there. We've been sloths because it's too bloody hot to do anything else. Great White North, my ass.

Anonymous said…
42 years at the same job, THAT is dedication.
dan renzi said…
Twittering is over.

Have you ever been to Atlantic City?
Stephanie said…
heehee, number 9 cracked me up. I know that feeling.

I'm glad you had such a fun blogher trip.