things I have to tell you

I'm still here!

My finger is still messed up too, and I demand a lot of attention over it. The thing is: do I go to the emergency room and have it taped up? At this point it no longer matters if it's broken, it hurts and I'm having trouble doing things. Do I just go to the doctor? Won't she send me for an x-ray anyway? I'm stumped.

Listen to this: a woman I know at work decided, with the coaxing of friends, to do something different. On a whim, she applied for a job as a private investigator. She had a couple of interviews, got the job and quit! She quit working where I work and is off on an adventure. Isn't that something? Don't you love hearing about someone who does something life-altering?

Youngest was on the Honor Roll at school for all four quarters - isn't that a lovely thing? When we got the notice that he had excellent grades for the final quarter of the school year he leaped up into the air and cheered. He's a great student, Youngest, and it's exciting to me when his hard work pays off.

I got business cards this week. It's the first time I've ever had business cards and I'm chuffed. (Not blogging business cards - real business business cards - from my nine to five job.)

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at a place recommended by a friend. All the stylists have stage names. A guy called Zap is doing my hair. I think I need my toes painted too. Amn't I busy?

Today, at work, someone asked me to show her how to use the copier. I'm no genius with copiers the size of small cars but I went to see what I could do. She was making 550 copies of a letter and had loaded stationery into the machine, but it wasn't feeding into the copier. In the end, we needed someone else to help us and then the letter printed (just once) upside down. I sighed over the fact that we'd have to reload three stacks of letterhead...and then she showed me that we could just turn the original letter upside down.
A genius I'm not.
We had a good laugh.

K and I are watching Jacques Pepin. I think Jacques is adorable and I've been working on my impression of him. If you get me liquored up next week in Chicago I just might do it for you.


YAY Youngest!
BOO finger.
PI. I bet You would be good at that, what with the stealth photos!
ZAP hair. Let us know what he looks like, please.
might I add...? said…
It actually does matter if your finger is broken. It will eventually set on its own, but if it sets improperly, you will always have a "deformed" finger. I speak from experience. I was too busy to deal with my finger and only noticed that it was still hurting a month after the fact (more or less). I called the doc to make an appointment, and by the time they fit me in, the finger had stopped hurting, and they offered to re-break it for me to set it properly. No thanks! But it still hurts sometimes. Just get it taken care of now. Feel free to thank me later if you think it was good advice. ;-) Take care of yourself. (Now wouldn't you say that to your boys?)
KPB said…
Go Zap.

The idea of you liquoured up made me a little light headed.
Anonymous said…
Why, yes, I DO love hearing about life altering changes of the brave. That really is something. I hope it works out well for her.

I think you're pretty brave too, making a date with Zap. I hope that works out well for you...and that stunning pictures will follow.

Youngest, you go on with your fine self!

Miz S said…
You can buy a finger splint in the first aid aisle of a decent pharmacy and tape it yourself. I bet that would work just fine. I'm not a doctor but I watch the Discovery Health channel CONSTANTLY.
Anonymous said…
Oh what I would give to be in Chicago and get you liquored up...
Congrats Youngest!
RW said…
I am very excited about your hair cut!

Good job on the grades for your youngest.

I have thought being a private investigator would be a cool job.
Anonymous said…
What happened to your finger? I think I missed that part.

I'm getting my haircut my house. Her name is plain old Sherri, but she is the only person who can cut my hair without me having to be upset about it afterwards.

At work, I am the person who is always asked to troubleshoot at the copier, and I hate it because I am the world's biggest technophobe. But I always seem to figure it out. And it's true! The copiers are the size of a Smartcar!

I extend my congrats to Youngest too, for being on the honor roll each quarter. He's probably a "pleasure to have in class" too.

Anonymous said…
What did you do to your finger? I'm not sure you kept us up to date on that incident.

Yay for Youngest! It must be kinda hard to be Younget, coming after those two awesome brothers of his.

The copier story made me laugh. I had a similar experience with a fax machine, except I was the one telling the other that the recipient could just turn the paper around if it came through upside down. (But I am not sure I would have been the one who figured out to turn the original in your scenario.)
alice c said…
Respect to Youngest for all that hard work.

I hope that it is not your drinking hand that you have injured - I want to hear all about your impressions at Blogher.
Eleanor said…
Dear bb,

I am concerned about your finger.

OF COURSE you should go to your doctor (you should go to your doctor whenever ANYTHING hurts, frankly).

Then, do whatever the doctor recommends.

Thank you,

Eleanor from your comment box.
Anonymous said…
Nicely done Youngest!

Please tell me that Zap has hair arranged in spikes with each spike a different crayola colour. That's how I see Zap in my mind. I'll be devastated if you say it was just a mousy brown comb-over.
Mary said…
You know you have told us all these things and I am going to need some follow up on the following..

the finger

the haircut

the drinking

and who Jacques Pepin is...
skipska said…
I had the pleasure of meeting Jacques Pepin a couple of times when I worked in a culinary museum (and Julia) - he is adorable and lovely and so funny and love his wine!